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Annual Halloween Recap

When I was a kid, Halloween was not a big deal. We celebrated with pumpkin carving and candy, but I don't remember much planning or preparation. I think that the culture has changed since I was a kid, and Halloween has become a bigger deal. For me, college made Halloween into a very big deal. We would scour the thrift stores of New Orleans for costumes and head to Bourbon Street. When people hear that I went to college in New Orleans, they immediately get images of constant partying on Bourbon Street (like a scene from a bad movie). This is, in fact, not the case. Trips to Bourbon Street were reserved for special occassions, Halloween being one, or when guests came to visit. Otherwise, we had fun at the local establishments close to campus. The thing about Halloween on Bourbon Street is that no matter how over the top you think your costume is (trashy or truly tasteless), someone on Bourbon Street will have outdone you and your costume will be tame in comparison. Seriously. It's hard to describe unless you've seen it for yourself.

So, with Halloweens on Bourbon Street as my baseline, I have always had the attitude (at least in my adult life) that for Halloween either go big and all out or stay home. This year may be an exception. General craziness at work and no real plans to celebrate, left Halloween a last minute, hastily put together affair. We didn't even buy pumpkins until last Saturday and had trouble finding them. Frankly, before yesterday morning I was ready to skip Halloween and Thanksgiving and put the Christmas decorations up (I will restrain myself because Rykert finds any mention of Christmas before Thanksgiving to be particularly offensive.)

I took yesterday off of work for no good reason - except that I desperately needed a break, and a middle of the week break seemed perfect. So after sleeping in and a casual walk of the dog, I decided to get some things in order for Halloween night. We rushed around finding costumes. Lucky for me, Rykert shares my Halloween philosophy. Despite the fact that Rykert is generally quiet and reserved, he makes an exception once a year for Halloween - I mean do you remember his nurse of '05? This also goes to show that we have no shame when it comes to Halloween.

This is what we ended up with...
The Whole Gang

Rykert as 80's P.E. Coach.
Rykert as P.E. coach in short shorts

The attentive will notice that he is wearing one of my dad's old jackets. I think my dad got this for coaching a softball team or something. I'm not really sure because I don't ever remember him coaching the "Perry Reds" (the local all-star team) though my sisters and I were all Reds during our illustrous careers as fast pitch softball players. Anyway, we aren't sure that this actually ever fit him either. The Bike coaching shorts were purchased new via ebay. I'm not sure if there is much else I can say about this. The only thing he is missing is a clipboard and a whistle. This picture also proves that a significant portion of a costume is in the attitude.

I was a nun.

Libby as nun

I purchased a nun costume off the 70% off rack at Joanns. But in reality, aside from the habit and the collar these are my clothes that actually I wear - just not all together usually. And the glasses? The glasses were part of a Catholic School Girl costume (think Mary Katherine Gallagher) from college. While this is nowhere near as carefully put together as my Girl Scout costume was in '05, I think I make a believable nun. The only thing I'm missing is a wooden ruler or yardstick. The whole costume cost $4 (including the black robe that I didn't wear because it was cheap and static-y).

We also had some guests stop by.
A nurse and a witch (the good kind). We told them to stand still.
Anna and Grace standing still

And Nola got into the action as an escaped convict.

Nola from Behind

I was absolutely shocked at how patient this dog was about this costume. She wore it all night with hardly any struggle. It was very cute. She slept by the door and then quickly got up and sat and greeted each group of trick or treaters. She was a very good sport about the whole deal. I should also add that I am, in general, against dressing animals up in costumes. Seriously. Before I owned a dog I thought it was cruel and inhumane. Well, apparently I've changed my mind. So there you go. I dressed my dog up in a costume and took pictures. It is wrong and mean. But it was Halloween.

So that was our last minute Halloween. Until next year. Next year we will be more prepared, perhaps even host a party to give ourselves an excuse to dress up, and we will blow your minds with our carefully crafted costumes. At least that is my intent some 364 days in advance.
skull jack o lantern

I can't help but ask myself: why did I schedule a dental appointment for the day after Halloween?

Oh, and I've actually been knitting. It's a Christmas present. I'm only averaging a few rows a night before falling asleep on the couch, but it's still knitting.

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