Sunday, October 28, 2007

Quintessential Fall Weekend.

It was a very classic fall weekend around here. The weather was incredibly nice (though it's getting chilly in the mornings), and we didn't have the rain and general dreariness that had been predicted earlier in the week. Despite a bit of work on Saturday, we had a nice weekend. Catching up around the house, finishing up projects, laundry, a movie, raking 9+ bags of leaves, carving pumpkins, etc. Rykert is finishing his pumpkin, a much more intricate design than my simple choice.

In between all of this, I did manage to finish a couple of projects. Behold, my Bedwarming Gnomes.

Bedwarming Gnomes

These are 100% cotton flannel and terry (with a muslin lining) filled with rice and dried lavender. The idea, a complete and shameless duplication of a picture seen on Flickr, is to heat it up to sooth aches, pains, and the general chill of the bed. I think they are a cute rendition of the rice bag. There will likely be a few more of these to be given as gifts and maybe a couple for The Preemie Project craft sale. I'm also working on a few baby blankets to get ahead of the baby boom of coworkers, etc. All comments and suggestions on the gnomes are appreciated.

The knitting is still dragging. I can't seem to pull my self away from the paints and sewing machine long enough to get any knitting done.

And so I leave you with some pictures from our weekend...

Nola "helping" us rake this afternoon.
Nola 102807
Who would have thought that a single Ash tree could produce so many leaves?

And Rykert hard at work on his pumpkin.
Rykert carving pumpkins 2007

The movie this weekend was Gone Baby Gone. I was actually very impressed with the performances (directing and acting) of the Affleck brothers (perhaps Ben should just stay behind the camera for a little while). It was really good, and I wasn't prepared for the moral ambiguity that I would be left with. I was still thinking about it this morning. I won't go into anymore here, but if you've seen it then you know what I mean (even if you didn't enjoy the movie).

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Wool Winder said...

The Bedwarming Gnomes are really cute! I like that you added lavender to the rice. I have just a plain square rice bag. I much prefer these to heating pads. The weight is nice and they stay warm for a long time.

Becky in Iowa :O) said...

The gnomes are just too cute.

Knittripps said...

Super cute gnomes! I think my husband would love one of those. He loves gnomes.

Sara said...

The gnomes are so cute!

I'm glad to hear you liked Gone Baby Gone. We can't wait to see it.

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