Monday, October 08, 2007

Little Pink Houses.

I'm constantly wondering how we functioned before the Internet. I mean think back a few years - what was life like without Wikipedia, Google, blogs, etc. Remember when you had to subscribe to the newspaper, rangle the big awkward pages, and smear ink all over your fingers just to get the days news? Now, I just click through over my lunch hour. I don't know where I'd be without my daily dose of blogs, flickr, and other sources of online inspiration.

With the craft room project nearing completion (we're stalled out waiting for table inspiration to hit), I felt a sudden surge of creativity. It started with this house.
Little Pink Houses 2
It used to be unfinished wood. I think it was originally fo CD storage, but it was too cute. It's now painted, but it needed some inhabitants. So I found some unfinished wooden doll forms. After that I was stuck - until I saw some amazing Kokeshi (don't you love Wikipedia) dolls on flickr and etsy.

So, I got to work, and quickly became addicted. With a craft sale benefitting The Preemie Project just a couple of months away, it was clear that these would make really cute ornaments. So, my first angel was born.

I'm really quite smitten with these little girls. While some are for the craft sale, many will remain with me to be doled out as gifts and to fill an entire tinsel tree.

There's also a snowman sculture in progress. I just need to find the right twigs. It's a prototype, so we'll see how the finished product looks.

The knitting has sort of stalled out as I get all of this painting out of my system. It may be awhile until steady knitting content returns.

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Debbie said...

So sweet!

Wool Winder said...

Really cute!

AndreaLea said...

Those are so cute! They'll do really well at the craft sale.

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