Monday, October 01, 2007


It's been awhile (nearly 3 years) since I've finished a sweater for myself. Well, without further ado, I present Ariann.


Pattern: Ariann by Chicknits
Yarn: Cascade 220 Heathers

I started this in mid-August and finished by the end of September. That is probably some kind of record for me. Seriously. It only took me a little over a month, and I knit one of the sleeves twice. It's not perfect. My body dismorphia (sp?) and my lack of understanding of "ease" has led me to knit a size smaller than I probably should have. However, it is wearable (just not fully buttonable and wearable). But, honestly, I doubt I would wear it all buttoned up anyway. It was finished last Thursday. Washed and blocked on Friday and left to dry over the weekend. The buttons were sewn on yesterday, and it was worn to work today. It is, indeed, the most wearable thing I have ever made myself. Rykert took some pictures for me of it on, but they were not postable as they were terribly blurry. We'll try again another day when it is less gloomy out.

My next project will be Juliet knit in Cascade 128. I'm already having second thoughts about this - wool and bulky weight in this cute swingy sweater? I'm nearly finished with the yoke and ready to split the sleeves. I'm tempted to rip and reuse because this isn't really looking like something that will get any wear...

By the way, thank you to those who responded to the stash sale. I'm happy to have lightened the load around here. I feel less guilty about recent yarn purchases.

And last but not least, a gratuitous puppy picture.
Nola 100107
Nola finished puppy school last week. She received her certificate as "Pomp & Circumstance" played. She'll likely be taking another class, perhaps the Canine Good Citizen class. She apparently shows some potential, and may be a candidate for therapy dog training. I would absolutely love it if she was able to do that. We'll have to see if we can devote the time to the training and volunteering in the next few years.

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Debbie said...

The sweater is beautiful, you did a great job. And the puppy is gorgeous, too. She's getting so big! (And I see she's a dog park member!)

Wool Winder said...

That's a great sweater!

Megan said...

I love the color of the sweater- I'll bet it looks fabulous on you!

AndreaLea said...

Wow! I'm feeling inspired to try knitting something bigger than a preemie hat!

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