Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Blush and Bashful

When we moved into our house last spring (or once we picked the house), one of the things I was most excited about was having a dedicated space to do all my crafting and hold all of my crafting stuff stuff. You see, in our old apartment, the craft supplies sort of spilled out from the extra bedroom/ office and into the living room. This drove Rykert insane.

We were looking for a 3 bedroom house (but were willing to compromise at 2 or more). Imagine my glee when we found this house with a decent sized non-conforming 4th bedroom in the basement perfect for crafting. With the onset of summer this project quickly took a backseat to gardening and other necessary repairs. The room became a wasteland of boxes. I would rush in pick up the needles or yarn I needed (leaving the boxes askew) and then dash out. It was not conducive to anything, let alone a space that incited the creative process.

Last week, I'd had enough. I spent Saturday morning organizing and clearing the room out. Saturday and Sunday were spent painting. I've found lots of inspiration on the Internet in the form of other's crafting spaces.

So, let's see the room before...
Craft Room
Nothing creative going on here. Now, the room isn't perfect. In fact, it has the single worst lighting I've ever seen in a room. We're talking about a basement corner with a very small window and currently a bare bulb light fixture.

So first we did the painting. I chose two shades of pink about one shade away from the other.
craft room - in progress 091807
It's pink. Blush and bashful, if you will. It will be toned down significantly once we have some stuff in here. Painting those stripes seemed like a really good idea, because I couldn't decide on one color. Well, when the masking tape and chalk lines came out, I began to think that I had lost my mind. It's not the most perfect paint job (though the stripes are seemingly straight), but neither are we.

A word about the colors. If I had things my way, the kitchen would have been painted a very pale pink and I would have bought a new Kitchenaid mixer to match. However, I recognized that Rykert would not appreciate this choice. As a compromise my room got to be the pinks of my choosing. I'm not afraid of color. Mainly because I don't see painting a room to be a major chore. My sister and I painted the majority of my house in less than a day. So if the color sucks once you slap it on it's really not a major ordeal to me to redo. Beige walls are just not my bag. There is really no need for the colors of this room to flow with the rest of the house (which are generally more neutral). If you came to my house and didn't know this room was here, you'd never see it. It's that secluded behind 2 closed doors.

The shelving is clearly critical. If I have any hope of keeping this room tidy, then functional shelving is essential. After hemming, hawing, and general complaining about the fact that there is not an Ikea close by, we went with these from Lowes.

craft room - in progress 091807-03
Finding studs and leveling out the brackets turned into a chore - probably because we don't know the easy way to do these kinds of things. We aren't done. We didn't buy enough brackets or shelving. I may decide on more shelving but will likely talk to my dad about building that.

I also think I'm going to commission my dad to make a counter-height work table. The cutting tables and such that are on the market just seem flimsy and while a decent second hand dining table would work, I would prefer something taller. Once the shelves are complete, I'll have a good idea of the size that I want. I also want to get some peg boards, a TV (for background noise), a curtain for the ugly window, and a comfy chair for knitting.

Rykert is not only supportive of this project, but is an active participant in the hopes that there will no longer be stray straight pins on the living room floor, knitting and yarn laying everywhere, etc. I'm going to start loading the room back up tonight.

So, in my searches of the Internet, I've found lots of inspiration for this room.
The Craftrooms Group on Flickr. (so much to see...)
The Sewing Rooms Group on Flickr.

Some of my favorites...
Heather Bailey's Studio
Love this work table. (may have to show my dad this picture)
Light and airy room.
Posie Gets Cozy's studio.
Inspiration at Craft.
DIY Art Supply Shelf

All of this organization has forced me to do some weeding out. There will be a stash sale here in the next couple of weeks (once I can get organized enough to take pictures). Lots of Cotton Ease and other miscellany at bargain prices (and I'm easy to negotiate with).

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Shannon said...

Hi Libby - I found your blog through Mandy's (I am a med student) a while back, and I've really enjoyed reading your posts. I am so jealous of your craftroom! It looks like a wonderful space.

Debbie said...

What a great start to a wonderful room. Those colors really suit you!

opportunityknits said...

The colours are so pretty and it was a brilliant idea to do stripes. What a lucky girl, to have a spare room to transform into a craft room.

Wool Winder said...

A great room! Full of personality and color. Enjoy!

AndreaLea said...

I love painting stripes! Your craft room looks great! (Although a little pink for my taste) :)

Megan said...

I saw the photos on Flickr before I came here, and my first thought was, "Libby painted a room blush and bashful." It looks great, and I hope you're able to get everything organized to your heart's content!

Ann said...

that looks awesome! it should be very craft-inspiring once you get it all set up.

Knittripps said...

Wow! Way to go! Your craftroom is lovely and I am sure it will inspire you for years to come.

elena jane said...

old post i know, but i love the room colours, blush and bashful reference is funny! i love pink, have quite a bit of it in here (despite the four boys and hubby). . .so what colour kitchenaid did you get? :)

ps - found my way here when i was looking for a pic of something pink for my pink post tonight! :)

Miss.golightly18 said...

Hey I really love your pink striped room! Its the Victorias Secret colors isnt it?
I dont know how to follow blogs so I was wondering if you could tell me?

MarissaBono said...

I randomly stumbled upon this page by searching "pink striped walls" on google images. I love these to shades of pink! But when I saw this it immediately reminded me of Victoria's Secret bags, lol. :]

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