Sunday, August 12, 2007

Crafting for good.

Despite my lack of presence on the blog lately, I have been doing some crafting. Specifically, The Preemie Project is hosting a craft and bake sale at the University of Iowa Hospital this week. The call was made to volunteers to craft items for sale. I began looking for simple projects that could be made quickly, but which were useful. These aren't high dollar crafts (in cost to make or purchase), but I think they all turned out pretty well.

The first are fleece dog toys. These are just braided strips of fleece, and they appear to be a hit, at least with Nola. I've seen something very similar sold at pet stores. I've also been surprised at how durable it has been. It's holding up well to multiple weeks of serious tug-o-war.

Fleece Tug Toys 02
Here it is in action.
Nola - Fleece Tug Toy in Action 080907 -02
As you can see, I got a little carried away making these, mostly because they are extremely quick.
Fleece Tug Toys

Next, Debbie posted the next idea on The Preemie Project email list. These are chunky crayons made using this tutorial. I saw something similar in Martha Stewart once some time ago (I think she used a heart shaped pan or something).
Chunky Crayons
The crayons were recycled from my parents bin of crayons. I'm confident that many of the crayons in there date to the very early 80s and some even from the 70s. The pieces of crayons are remelted in a mini muffin tin and then briefly frozen to set back up. So easy.
Chunky Crayons 2

The last is an idea that also was posted by Debbie. Ponytail holders made from fabric covered buttons. There is something addictive about making fabric covered buttons that could easily turn into an obsession. Seriously. I used this tutorial as a starting point. THere are also lots of variations on this for sale on Etsy.
Pony Buttons
Pony Buttons 02

Tomorrow... preserving the garden or Libby's first attempt at canning which leads to the near destruction of her kitcen and 24 hours of dish washing.

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Kaitie Tee said...

My dogs would probably love one of those ropes. Very cool.

peaknits said...

What wonderful ideas and for such a great cause. Thank you for the link to the great tutorial - I can see some covered pony tail holders in my future. Looks like Nola really likes the toys - good test subject!:)

Jennifer said...

Wow - everything is so adorable. I wonder if I could make a pull toy by using up my excess wool and felting it?? Good luck with the craft sale. I'm sure it will be a hit!

Debbie said...

Overachieve much? You always do such a great job, I'm very impressed!

Wool Winder said...

You did a great job on these crafts and the packaging too. Very professional looking. Sure to sell.

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