Thursday, August 23, 2007

Across the country.

I've noticed a thing or two about business travel. I don't travel a lot for work, but when I do I'm always so surprised at the disproportionate number of men in suits (as opposed to women in suits) traveling in airports and eating breakfast in hotel restaurants. They are usually on their cell phones or those annoying ear piece phones that make them look like they are crazy and talking to themselves. I'm flying to Seattle today for a whirlwind trip that involves meetings all day tomorrow and then an early flight back on Saturday.

So, here I sit, in O'Hare on the floor plugged into the only outlet I could find. This means I'm sitting on the ground. Business travel, however, is very good for knitting. In preparation for the trip, I started Ariann using Cascade 220 in a heather green. It's going fast, and I'm enjoying knitting it. If I'm not careful, I just might have a finished sweater on my hands before it gets to be wool sweater cool. Up next, on the knitting front (aside from some baby knit that need to get done for an auction) will be the Cobblestone Pullover for Rykert. I don't know that Rykert, having grown up in Southern Louisiana, has ever owned a wool sweater. This will be his first. It will be good for walking the dog when it gets cooler, if I can get him to wear it. I found the yarn, Classic Elite Skye Tweed, on sale and can't wait to start on this.

I did more canning last weekend. We still have a glut of tomatoes.

So I made some tomato sauce, and then I also made some hot carrot relish.
hot carrot relish
The juries still out on this one, because we haven't tried it yet.

I'll probably need to can some more tomatoes by the time I get home this weekend.

Alright... time to battle the sea of irritated air travelers.

UPDATED: So my plane out of Chicago got started late (maybe 45 minutes). I get on the plane, find my middle seat (the dread of all travelers), and then the sky darkens and the plane starts shaking from the increased winds. The captain says that we won't be pushing off anytime soon because the tower has been cleared due to a tornado spotting and warning and there is too much lightning. So we sit. Evntually (an hour and a half) we push off. We get the runway and are like 20th or something for takeoff. While waiting to take off, another storm approaches. We are next in line for take-off. Another storm moves in with more lightning, wind, etc. Another hour and a half later (of sitting in a cramped plane with crying babies and no food to speak of) and we finally take off. So thanks to the weather (well, actually the weather wouldn't have been an issue if we had been on time to begin with) I get to Seattle much later than planned making my whirlwind trip even crazier. Hopefully my trip back will be less eventful, but at least the body of my sweater is nearly completed.

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AndreaLea said...

I liked that cobblestone pullover as well. I wanted to make it for Jeremy but he hates to wear sweaters too. :)

Knittripps said...

I ripped out my Cobblestone Pullover last night and decided to go down a pattern size. It seemed my too big. Argh. And I am using size 5 needles to get gauge. What is up with that?

Hot carrot relish is intriguing :)

Debbie said...

I'm thinking of making that sweater for my kid. The one who doesn't wear sweaters. I'm not sure what I'm thinking.

Where did you find the yarn for it, around here?

Sarah said...

Ugh, so sorry to hear you got caught in those storms. It took me almost 2 hours to drive the 14 miles home from work that night! (And last time I was at O'hare, the only open outlet I could find to charge my cellphone was in the restroom! Not really where I wanted to hang out for any length of time...)

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