Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Wednesday Holiday

Having a holiday smack dab in the middle of the work week is bizzare. Now, I am certainly not complaining about a day off, I'll take it. I decided not to take any vacation days around the holiday, so that left me home for the holiday. But we're having a nice day regardless. There was a visit to the local park for a corndog and a viewing of some dancing by pre-teen girls wearing, in my opinion, age-inappropriate costumes. Swimming. The ribs are on grill, and we'll ride our bikes to the park for fireworks later.

This is the one day of the year when it was really nice to live in our old apartment. Our balcony was on the parade route and we had a front row view of the fireworks from the balcony as well. Despite this, we're very happy to not be living there. Especially due to the heat of the day and the lack of air conditioning at the old place.

I'm still feeling uninspired in knitting. I've managed to finish off two more baby hats.
Another cupcake (sans cherry, for now)
cupcake hat july 2

Another pumpking (sans leaf, for now)
pumpkin July 2007

I also started another project from The Knitter's Almanac by Elizabeth Zimmerman. This will be the Ganomy hat (June). Nothing says the 4th of July like knitting with bulky wool, right? Actually it was killing my hands and making me hot so it has been put on hold, for now.
ganomey in progress
The yarn is Lamb's Pride Bulky. This will likely be a very warm hat that will be donated somewhere. I'm knitting this to understand the technique after seeing lots of very nice versions in the blog-iverse.

I've also started a more seasonal appropriate baby sweater for my drawer of future gifts. No pictures, because nothing of note yet.

And for posterity... our tomatoes on July 4, 2007.
garden 2 070407

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Knittripps said...

We had ribs today too! Happy 4th of July!

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