Monday, July 02, 2007

Losing time.

Where did June go, anyway? Things have been moving along around here. We've been busy, and there just hasn't been much time to blog (or much to blog about).

A week ago, I had a relapse of vertigo which sent me to my bed for 3 days and will be sending me back to a specialist in a week or so. For now, my world has basically stopped spinning. For the most part.

Then we had visitors. Rykert's friend. stopped through on his way to the Des Moines Art Festival (and other art shows to follow), and then Rykert's dad came for a quick visit to see our new place and spend some time with Rykert. Both were great visits. We managed to make a quick trip to Des Moines for the art festival on Sunday, and an even quicker stop at the Iowa City Jazz Festival on Saturday night.

We've got two major home projects going involving the floor in our master bathroom and the floor in the sunroom. Each is taking longer than expected, but will be worth it in the end. The actual work won't take that long, but finding the time that we want to spend indoors has been difficult. In the meantime, we're happy to spend our evenings outside and let the projects wait for a rainy Saturday or cooler weather. Summer in Iowa is too short to spend working inside when it can be helped.

I have officially decided that this shall be the summer of the hat. Based on my knitting so far, this seems to be about all that I am capable of. I finished another (and improved) cupcake hat. I have another pumpkin on the needles now, and some bulky adult sized hats planned as well. But I've also got two shrugs planned from Lace Style, so we'll see how motivated I become.

The garden continues to grow, and the Early Girl plants are loaded with tomatoes. We're just waiting for them to ripen. The Cherry tomatoes are also starting to pop. The Romas are not doing as well, so we'll have to see what happens with those. I don't think they've received enough water. No one to blame but myself.

We took a big step in our puppy discussions. Rykert called an ad in the paper about a puppy, and we'll be going to check out the litter (and more importantly the environment) on Thursday. My niece is so excited she can't take it. Rykert and I both had beloved golden retrievers as pets growing up, so that's the breed we've settled on. My only other preference is that it be a female and have as dark a coat as possible. While this isn't ideal for showing a dog, it's my preference. My niece has wanted a puppy, like all kids, for a long time. Due to familial allergies and my sister's unwillingness to bring another living creature that needs to be fed and cleaned up after into the house, the likelihood of her getting a puppy is slim. Rykert and I made a deal with her that once we had a place with a sizeable yard, we would get a puppy, it could be hers, but it would live with us. This compromise seemed to work out for everyone. The only issue that remains is that she wants the dog to be named "Sparkle." Her and Rykert are still in negotiations on that matter. Rykert is opposed to her choice for the name and wants something Cajun. Suggestions are welcome, because everyone knows that you don't just go "look" at puppies. But regardless, the puppies won't be ready to be separated from their parents and litter until July 21 at the earliest leaving plenty of time for negotiations.

If I don't get back.... have a nice holiday...

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Emily said...

Actually, the name is either Sparkle or Twinkle, I don't think she's decided for sure. She also has the date "July 21st" in her head . . .

Knittripps said...

I like the idea of a Cajun name. We purchased our golden from another family in Des Moines who advertised in the paper. Shiloh less than a year old when we got him but already potty trained. You are going for a real puppy, puppy though? Good for you! If you want something a little older consider looking at this website. If we ever got a second Golden we would probably adopt.

oooh! I can't wait to see all the cute puppy pictures!

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