Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Things I have learned during my absence (in no particular order)...

    The salespeople at the local pet store work on commission. I'm not going back.

    The diagnosis of dizziness in an individual with a non-functioning left ear (that would be me) is more akin to art than it is to science. This is frusturating to an off-balance, logically minded, non-science minded lawyer like myself.

    Laying ceramic tile is a much bigger project than a reasonable person would imagine. It will take at least twice as long as you predict, cost more than anticipated, and leave every muscle in your body burning (my back and knees may never be the same.) We haven't even gotten to the grouting yet. I am impressed by those who do this for a living. Every day. I salute them.

    Ravelry is an addictive little website that will leave one thinking about knitting and planning more knitting than humanly possible more than actually knitting.

    If it must tornado, it is much worse for it to tornado during the waning hours of the work day. It may, in fact, lead you to stay an hour late because security has deemed that the Tornado Warning that is in effect has made it too dangerous to drive home. It was a long Monday, and I was willing to take the risk.

    Learning that someone just got a brand new puppy and named her Lady Liberty, and are calling her Libby for short, is odd and somewhat unflattering (even when you barely know the people). This also opens the door for some type of unwarranted b*tch comment. Even if it wasn't said, they were all thinking it.

I have a nearly finished knitting project that must be finished in the next day or so. More details soon. In the meantime, Rykert and I have some grout calling our name tonight.

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Debbie said...

Sorry to hear you're having trouble getting to the bottom of your dizziness problem. Over the years as a medical transcriptionist it's become clear that medicine does have a strong "art" component to it (as well as a lot of trial and error); sure there's lots of science there, but tracking down the problem and solving it isn't always as clear cut as us non-medical people would like to think. They do eventually get it right most of the time, though, and usually it's worth it in the end.

I'm really frustrated with Ravelry -- seems they put a lot of effort into promoting it way before they were ready to let people actually use it. I'm like 6793 on the waiting list and have been on it for months! More effort on the development end in the beginning would have been nice.

Try Pet Central Station downtown on Clinton St (where Preferred Stock used to be) for pet stuff. I haven't been to Leash on Life on highway 1 (near Paul's) but I hear good things about them, too.

Becky in Iowa :O) said...

We've always gotten our dogs from home based breeders. Well there was one dog we got from a shelter, but we had to take him back after he bit my brother and me. It's nice to be able to see the parents and such.

I've read about your dizzy spells with some intrest. I was having dizzy spells last year. My doctor told me that it was a loose build up of calcuim or some other mineral in my ear. If I moved my head just right, it would knock the buildup loose and it would mess with my balance. I had to do funky exercises where I shook my head in different directions several times a day. He said that it would break up the pieces. I also had to see a physical therapist that worked on my back and neck. I'm still not sure which thing fixed the whole problem.

Knittripps said...

I am still waiting for my Ravelry, but I hear good things about it. Sigh. Hope the rest of the week goes better for you!

Wool Winder said...

Everything I hear about Ravelry sounds terrific, but I haven't signed up. I think I'll wait until the day you can join without being on a list. For now I can live without it.

Anonymous said...

have you tried using the knee pads the ceramic installers use? Trisha

Anya said...

I know exactly how frustrating the dizzy business can be, especially when there is so much to do and so much to create. I was dizzy throughout my pregnancy (anemia). Nothing, not even supplements helped. Dizzy and pukey - not good combination. Tornados! I miss them. I lived in Midwest during high school and college and loved the anticipation of one - I'm crazy I know. But something changes and the skies turns pink-orange and it's very intimidating.. :) Once I was on lock-down in Target because of one. I wonder if they can just lock customers in like that? Unlawful imprisonment, one might think?

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