Friday, June 15, 2007


I've been in a bit of knitting slump of late. I'm not really sure what happened, but somewhere around April-ish, I lost my knitting mojo. I blame craziness at work and the moving process. I've been trying to get myself back in the spirit, and there is no better way to do that then with some baby knitting.

So, with that in mind, prior to leaving for Georgia a couple weeks ago, I cast on for another February Baby Sweater fro the Knitter's Almanac by Elizabeth Zimmerman. The yarn is (new) Cotton Ease in berry. A ball and a half later, I have this little sweater.
february sweater #2
february sweater #2 2

It will go into the drawer to be gifted someday.

In addition, I cast on a simple toddler hat. This will probably be sold at The Preemie Project craft sale in August. It turned out a little larger than I had intended, because my break from knitting has made me a bit looser knitter (I'm normally a very tight knitter). Again, the yarn is Cotton Ease in lime and berry. The "design" was just a basic hat with an extended series of decreases to create the top. I'm thinking it needs a flower on the front.

stripey whoville hat

It's sized at more like a 2-4 year old size (bigger than I had intended).

Next up, the football hat from Itty Bitty Hats, in Hawkeye colors. This will be likely donated to The Preemie Project (check out their new website). A second, smaller, football hat is in progress.


These have been quick, nearly mindless knits, that I can work on in the evenings and over lunch. I have more hats planned for the coming weeks (including more cupcake hats).

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Kaitie Tee said...

Your sweater turned out great. I had wondered if Cotton-Ease would work well with that pattern. I just bought a bunch of Cotton-Ease on sale today at Michaels.

Heather said...

Your sweater is beautiful. I too have been in a knitting slump, but I am suddenly feeling inspired - thanks.

Debbie said...

I love the way your sweater turned out. Did you buy the Cotton-Ease locally? I've been ordering it but would really like to buy it here.

P.S. The hats are cute, too.

Wool Winder said...

Cute, cute projects!

Knittripps said...

O.M.G.! The hawkeye colored football hat is adorable! How are things going with the garden?

AndreaLea said...

I love your Hawkeye football hat! I've been wanting to try that pattern but I'm not sure I have that kind of skill yet. :)

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