Thursday, June 21, 2007

The gardening...

Our garden continues to grow (knock on wood) and for the most part, we haven't had too much plant loss (more on that later).

The tomatoes are thriving. I'm impatient and check them everyday. By watching them so closely, I've been unable to detect any growth, but judging by the picture below, we have had growth.

garden 062107

This one in a bucket is really sprawling (I think it is a roma)
tomatoes 062107

And what's that I see? Yes... it is...
tomato 062107

an actual tomato. If we can keep the "wildlife" away we may just have a tomato sooner than I thought thanks to the Early Girl variety of tomatoes (specially designed for the impatient wannabe gardener). I don't know why the mulch is in focus but not the tomato (crappy camera), but for reference it's smaller than a baseball but bigger than a golf ball (that's hail reference sizing).

One of the roma plants (the only one we purchased from an uppity nursery in IC, I might add) is slowly dying. The leaves are curling up and the small tomatoes it has produced seem to have dark spots. I'm looking into treatment, but it may be destined for the compost pile.

We also lost some herbs. The herbs were planted in these deck boxes which apparently got way too hot and dry when placed in full sun. Thanks to the IC Farmer's Market I replaced a few of the herbs (at late season prices) and we now have this...

new herbs 061907

The original herbs I had written off as goners, but seem to be making a recovery in a new location.
herbs 061907

And for those of you keeping track. Score = Woodchuck 2 v. Libby and Rykert 0
Apparently, he couldn't read his eviction notice. He's still camped out though his family has not been seen recently. It's time to get serious. Oddly, I have not seen any actual wood chucking going on, and the oft asked question remains unanswered.

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Kaitie Tee said...

The plants look great. I'm eagerly awaiting fresh tomatoes too. I'm glad your herbs recovered!

Debbie said...

You want to borrow my little rat terrier? He probably wouldn't be able to hurt him any, but he might harrass him enough to go away. On the other hand, he'd probably bark at you guys, too. Just what you need, a tiny berserk dog in your back yard.

The potential veggies are looking great!

Wool Winder said...

Your garden looks great!

Knittripps said...

Everything looks great! I saw my first small tomatoes the day before yesterday. Silly woodchucks and their inability to read/follow the eviction notice.

lekkercraft said...

oh funny - i just posted a photo of a woodchuck too (though not at my place... my parents')and some deer. They've had them since I was a teenager living there - years ago now. I'm jealous of your garden - it looks like it's gonna be great!!

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