Friday, May 11, 2007

A kink.

So, just when you think things have worked out, life throws you a curve ball. The seller replaced the roof on our new abode just as planned. The adjacent neighbor of said townhouse/ zerolot/ garden home (whatever they call it where you live) has now thrown a complete fit. He is upset because the shingles don't match his side. Well, despite everyone's best efforts the shingles could not be matched because his shingles have been discontinued. So what do you do? Neighbor has now threatened to sue the seller over this nonsense. I don't believe that, nor does anyone else, that neighbor has a legal leg to stand on. But until it is settled, we've decided that it is in our best interest to stand on the sideline and not close today as planned. Seller gets nervous about losing their buyer (us) and in this market that is a problem. Seller offered, at the last minute last night, to replace neighbor's roof - an absolutely crazy development and something to which neighbor is not legally entitled. So, this morning we sit and wait to see if they can reason with neighbor, get things straigtened out, and ultimately produce a signed release from the neighbor on the roof issue. If all of those things fall into place, and I'm not holding my breath, then we will close today and start moving and working on our new digs this weekend.

First on our list, a privacy fence for obvious reasons. We thought that was a long term improvement, but it has become increasingly clear that it can't wait.

In good news, the first family of baby ducks has hatched at the pond across the street. There is nothing cuter than the mother duck leading her ducklings around.

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Wool Winder said...

Oh no, what a mess! Makes you a little nervous about moving next door to someone like that.

Lia said...

Oh dear! Do you really want to live next door to someone who would SUE their neighbor over something like this?? Good luck!

Jan B. said...

I'm going to have to echo the other ideas posted here. Living next door to someone disagreeable can make live very difficult. Someone who would do this would most likely do a whole lot of other stuff to keep your nerves challenged. Please be careful.

peaknits said...

Yikes! Good luck closing - but then good luck with this kooky neighbor! Sounds a little sue happy!:(

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