Monday, March 19, 2007


new cottonease

New Cotton Ease. I've been eyeing the new Cotton Ease offerings online for a couple of months, but have been reluctant to order until I could see the colors in person. I really like all of the colors, and settled on these for my first round of knitting. Note that the colors here are not accurate... especially the taupe which is a much more interesting color in person.

new cottonease 3
Taupe (top) destined to be Ariann.
Lake (bottom) destined for baby knit for co-worker.

new cottonease 2

Violet (top) for Eliza by Berrocco.*
Berry (bottom) for baby knits (or another summer knit for me)

I managed to nearly finish the back of Sizzle this weekend. I'm using Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in Cavern, and it is going quickly. Hopefully, I'll have an actual finished knitted object in the next week or two. (Knock on wood.)

The new Cotton Ease was found at Michael's in Des Moines. We visited my parents, and had a great weekend. Well, the weekend was going well until we blew a tire out while driving down I-80. Luckily, Rykert was with me, or I would likely still be freaking out on the side of the road (after driving a few more miles on a very damaged tire.) A new set of tires today and all is well, and a lesson is learned.

*I'm also really liking Mell by Berrocco. My office gets chilly when the a/c is running during the summer. I would love to have this in a neutral color. It is unlikely that I will ever get to this project, though. I also like Mabel.

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Sann said...

oh i wish that i could find these--nice colors

Wool Winder said...

Where did you find the new Cotton-ease? I looked for some a couple of months ago, but none of the likely sources had any. Maybe they do now. The new colors are really nice!

Megan said...

The Cotton-ease looks great, and it sounds like you've got quite the plans for it!

Debbie said...

The colors are beautiful! I wish we could get it around here (I just called the Michael's in Marion -- no go). I might just have to order some online.

Lynette said...

i've been waiting for it to show up at my Michaels so i can get realistic colors. i bought the Charcoal color online and it looks like a faded black to me. i was a bit disappointed.

Webbies said...

Wow, there has been such a buzz about these in blogland...I might need to go to Michaels and check them out!

Gina said...

Cute pattern choices! I really like Mabel. I have to check out the new Cotton Ease. Does it seem different from the original?

Sarah said...

Oooh, new Cotton-ease. These are the first photos I have seen of it. Must...finish...something (anything!) before I buy more yarn!

Stacie said...

My Michaels doesn't have Cotton-Ease yet---arg! I'm going to badger the staff this week! :)

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