Thursday, February 15, 2007

Valentine's Day Rewind

I've never been huge on Valentine's Day. It's not that I am anti-Valentine's Day - it's just not that important to me. If Rykert forgot, I wouldn't be heartbroken. But the day did not pass without recognition.

Nothin' says lovin' like handheld video games...
I have been wanting this for some time. Rykert tried, in vain, to locate one before Christmas to no avail. After dozens of trip to the mall (a huge sacrifice in Rykert's world), video game stores, and Best Buy - Rykert produced the goods for Valentine's Day. I'm excited. I have now owned almost every generation of the Nintendo handheld games - starting with the original Gameboy when I was 12. My love affair with Tetris just won't die. Rykert did not miss out on the uber romantic Valentines and received a ski jump helmet. Nothin' says lovin' like a hard plastic helmet. We are true romantics. Seriously.

We didn't brave the local restaurants and their special overpriced, underwhelming Valentine's offerings or the restaurant chains that were surely full of happy little couples. Instead, we had dinner at the mall food court (again, aren't we romantic) and then went to a movie. Now, it must be said, that this is unusual for me. When I was growing up, my parents would never have let me go to a movie on a school night. This has has carried forward into my adult life, and Wednesday nights are still school nights since I have to work the next day. But I was crazy and went to the movie anyway. We saw Music & Lyrics with Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore. So, this movie isn't going to win any awards, but I was entertained. Hugh Grant really plays a great character, the character he has become the best at - the overly confident, handsome, funny, romantic lead (see Notting Hill, About a Boy, Bridget Jones' Diary, Love Actually). I don't want to like him, but I just can't help it. At any rate, he helped keep the movie from falling completely flat. The movie is, at the same time, a tribute to pop music and a commentary on its cheesiness. Oh, and the tunes are catchy, though they won't be winning any Grammys. We spent Tuesday night watching The Departed, which is dark and serious. Music & Lyrics is its complete opposite.

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Megan said...

Oh, goodness, now I'm feeling all jealous. I've still got my Gameboy, but I really want a DS for Super Mario Bros. and Mario Kart, which are my two favorite video games ever. And it's pink!

Thanks for the review of Music & Lyrics, I'm going to check it out soon. I completely understand the whole not wanting to like the Hugh Grant character and not being able to help it.

Gina said...

I've never owned a hand-held video game, but that pink one is so cute that I could almost be swayed! My hand-eye coordination stinks.

Debbie said...

And it's PINK! Very cool.

Wool Winder said...

Tetris is one few video games that I actually like, though I haven't played it in years.

Knittripps said...

Very cool!

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