Saturday, February 03, 2007 with a tidy apartment.

So, I've been away from the blog again. But now that I'm holed up at home without any intention of going outside any time soon (more on that below) I'll try to make up for lost time.

This week, I did manage to finish a bereavement gown for The Preemie Project. I needed something more complicated than a hat, but not too large. This was knit in a couple of nights of tv watching.
bereavement gown 2
I find these little items difficult to make if I think about it too long. It's just tiny. Anyway, I'll do another using a different pattern this week (hopefully).
Pattern:Available Here (It's a bit confusing, but I've knit it multiple times with success.)
Yarn: King Cole Smooth DK (distributed by Cascade)
(A note about the yarn, this is a great yarn for baby items. It is super soft. It splits a bit, but it has a very similar feel to DB Baby Cashmerino. I like it, and will be looking for more in lots of colors in the future.)

I decided that it was time to start expanding my knitting horizons. On a whim and inspired by the knits being produced at the Zimmermania knit-along, I ordered these from Amazon.
knitting books
They did not disappoint, and I'm already planning my next EZ acquisitions. I immediately got started on my first pattern from the Knitter's Almanac - appropriately enough it is the February Practically Seamless Baby Sweater.
It's progressing quickly. Here's the stitch pattern on a sleeve.
february sweater sleeve
The color is not at all accurate. The yarn is Cascade Sierra Quatro (color 80) purchased at the newly opened Coralville Crazy Girl Yarn Shop.

I'm already planning more projects from the Elizabeth Zimmerman books.
A seamless hybrid for Rykert inspired by Brooklyn Tweed's fabulous version. Despite his initial rejection, it will be wool. I had to provide him with a tutorial of the advantages of a wool sweater (the weather only served to make my point). When the time comes to knit his sweater, I'll drag him down the street and let him help pick the color. I'm also completely in love with this version of the Bog Jacket from Knitting Around. I'd also like to knit myself an Icelandic Yoke sweater - of course choosing the color combination could take a long time.

Alright, now about this weather. Winter has seriously arrived in Iowa in the form of a giant arctic airmass. Here's what our weather station said a half hour ago.
A whopping high of 11 degrees. I think that it is a generous guess. The local news station says that the air temperature is currently -3 and the wind chill is -27 (I can attest to the wind as I hear the rattling of our windows). We went out earlier this morning, and it's the kind of chill that burns your nostrils as you breathe. This weekend is my hometown's annual Polar Bear-esque BRR (Bike Ride to Rippey (a small town about 10 miles away). Rykert rode a few years ago on a very mild day. I'm sure lots of people braved the insane cold, and can now be found at my uncle's bar attempting to thaw their fingers and toes. Based on the forecast, Rykert and I passed on this year's fun. Maybe next year (but only if it is unseasonably warm with little to no breeze).

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Ruby Banshee said...

Did Rykert's anniversary sweater ever get done? I can't remember seeing pictures.
The gown is lovely, as always.

Libby said...

Uhh... no. The Anniversary sweater has died. It was sucking all my knitting energy, and languishes in an unfinished state. The cotton blend yarn and the ridiculous gauge that I chose was realy killing me. Though it hasn't been frogged, I'm not sure that it will ever be finished. I enjoy knitting large projects with wool so much more than cotton.

Tracy said...

The gown is so adorable! I just recently made the same one. Looking at your picture though, I realize I forgot to finish the bottom with garter stitch. Because of that, mine ended up with a scalloped edge. Looks good both ways.

Tracy said...

Scratch what I said about not working the garter stitch. I went back and checked and discovered I did use it. What did you do differently to give your gown a straight edge? More blocking? Extra rows of knitting? I can see you added an eyelet row at the bottom. Anything else?

Webbies said...

I have yet to get on the EZ craze, I can't wait to see your progress!

Sara M. said...

The gown is just beautiful. I haven't knit that one yet. Maybe I'll give it a try next. Oh - and I LOVE that Bog Jacket too! I have 10 skeins of aran weight BFL in my stash that I'm hoping to knit it with. :o)

Lia said...

Hi Libby,

I was tagged for a MEME, and now I am tagging you. Read about it on my blog:

then post your secrets and tag 5 more people.

Your gown is beautiful! I haven't made one in a while. I'll get my needles clickin'!

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