Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I need YOU!

pink booties
I've been doing volunteer work for The Preemie Project for the past few years. Through the group, I've had the opportunity to meet some very nice people who would otherwise have remained strangers. In addition, I've been able to do something that I enjoy (knitting) and help others. The Preemie Project decided to form a team to participate in our local Walk America. I signed up, and am ready to walk. (Though, I must admit that I didn't realize until today that it is 6 miles. I haven't really done much exercising since the broken foot incident, but I'm sure that I can make it.) Anyway, I need your help. If you are able, I would appreciate your consideration in becoming one of my sponsors. Your donation will go directly to the March of Dimes, and you can donate through this website that I have set up (click here). Every donation will help, and I will be forever indebted if you would consider making a donation. If you are unable to donate for financial reasons (hey, we've all been there), then please consider joining your local Walk America or using your time and talents to create for The Preemie Project.

If you missed the link... donate here.

Thanks for your considerations, and I'll keep you updated as to how much we are able to raise....

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