Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Somebody throw me a life jacket...

In other words, things are a little crazy around here. Some changes at work have led to a significant increase in work for the short term. This means that my days are flying by and my evenings are even quicker. Once I'm dug out, I should be have a little more knitting to report.

Until then... I found this great box at Target. I think it is the perfect way to wrap an Itty Bitty Hat.

pink poof hat box

If you can't tell from this picture (I haven't seen sunlight in a few days), it is a clear, plastic, Chinese takeout box. I'm giving this to my sister who is gifting it to a co-worker. I love the tulle and the box.

I'll be back soon, but I doubt that I will have much to report. Until then, go take a look at the Spring Preview for Interweave Knits. It looks promising. I'll be interested in seeing better pictures of the Ribs and Lace Tank, the Green Tea Raglan, and the Cable Down Raglan. While I like Keyhole Top, reality says that I would never wear it. Likewise, I'm not so sure about knitted undergarments. Ya know?

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Debbie said...

It's a beautiful hat in a very pretty box.

About the knitted undergarments -- I suspect those are the kind that are really meant to be worn only in very special circumstances and not for very long, if you know what I mean. Seriously, what other point could there possibly be for that thong?

AndreaLea said...

That is such a cute package!

Knittripps said...

I love your package! That is so adorable.

suzyknits said...

Love your blog. I'm extremely jealous of/about the knitting shop a block away. The closest to me is 45 miles away. The hat is adorable...but all that I've seen you make, are. I know the feeling about work being crazy. I just missed 2 1/2 weeks from having surgery and it will take me awhile to "find" my desk. Just wonted to let you know you are not alone. :) Hang in there!!

Jan b. said...

That little hat-in-the-box looks good enough to eat! :-)

Bonnie D. said...

I really like some of those tops in the upcoming Interweave, too. But I wish the pctures were bigger. Guess I'll have to wait until I get my issue to see them.

I just emailed someone an hour ago to discuss these items and said "Ewwww to a knit thong!" I also made the point that socks do not make me think of seduction? LOL! (But I really like the pattern!)

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