Monday, January 15, 2007


First snow...

Since I moved back to Iowa for law school (5+ years ago), the winters have been mild. Perhaps I don't remember the winter's of my childhood accurately, but it always seemed like we constantly had snow cover from December through March (with the occasional April storm thrown in for good measure.) I was concerned that Rykert wouldn't be able to handle the winters when he moved here, and rest assured he doesn't enjoy the cold weather, but the past five winters have been incredibly mild. Global warming. Seriously. It's January 15th and today marked the first measureable snow of the season. In fact, the weather has been unseasonably warm to the point that my dad's rose bushes and the lily of the valley in my parent's yard had started budding (barely, but still..) just before Christmas. My parent's live 2 hours away and it did snow there when we were there for New Year's. But today was the first snow in Iowa City.
first snow
first snow 2007
Luckily, it was also a holiday, at least for me. I didn't venture out much, took a nap (which I generally never do), and caught up on my daytime tv (it's as bad as I remember it).

Yesterday, we spent the entire day inside waiting for it to snow and watching football. I managed to finish the boy hat to pair with the pink poofy hat above. It's cute. I had intended to finish it with a fleece fringe topping. But that didn't work out for me, so I used this topping from Itty Bitty Hats.
red squiggles
And the top...
red squiggles 2

I need to knit a glove for my dad. I made him a pair of gloves last Christmas, and he lost one. So I need to make a new mate. I finally found the yarn in the correct color, but now I'm just lacking motivation. You'd think the snow and the day off would have been more productive...

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Wool Winder said...

Cute topper. Did you have to sew each "squiggle" on separately?

Knittripps said...

I am really home sick for Iowa City right now. Hopefully soon I will get to visit. What a cute hat! I love the squiggles.

Sarah said...

Hmmm... I was going to say that I have been missing good ol' IC but see someone beat me too it! I remember wearing a t-shirt outside in december a few years ago. You make the cutest hats; the cherry one is my favorite!

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