Thursday, December 21, 2006

Stopping by.

Just a quick post.

I'm a clutter bug. Just ask anyone who has ever been in my apartment, or my room as a kid. I come by my pack rat tendencies naturally - you should meet my dad and his mother. The thing is, I generally always know where things are, and the mess doesn't generally bother me (aside from the crushing fear of being judged if anyone actually stops over - seriously always give me a few hours notice of any visit). Even stranger, I have the neatest desk at work. On the micro level of my at work space, I can get things overly organized - just ask my co-workers. They would be shocked to see the current state of my apartment (the word tornado comes to mind.) Just get Rykert started on the piles of yarn or random knitting needles. The good news is that Rykert is also a bit cluttery in his own right (we have water skiing stuff everywhere right now, and he is famous for leaving bags packed for months following a vacation). I guess we were meant to be together. I stand in stark contrast to my older sister who is a neat freak. Thinking back to when we were kids, I believe her room was always very neat as well. I blamed my mess on the fact that I had to share a room with my younger sister. I guess the truth of that has now come out.

Anyway, it was going to be my new year's resolution to get things straightened out and to get organized. I thought that this would be more important than ever this year since we will hopefully be moving in the first half of the year (no plans yet, but keep your fingers crossed). However, after reading this article in the New York Times, I'm reconsidering. Clutterbugs of the world unite!

Hopefully, I'll be back later with my holiday baking update (though the pictures will likely be awful as it is very very gloomy here today). That is, if I can get things squared away at work in time to get home.

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Megan said...

I wouldn't have guessed you were cluttered, but it's definitely the way to be. Thanks for the link to that article, it was really interesting (and the cookies in your next post look delicious).

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