Tuesday, December 19, 2006


The Christmas knitting is finished and wrapped. Though it was clearly not an overly ambitious bunch of knitting, it is finished. For the first time in my knitting career the gifts are finished well before Christmas. Nevermind Rykert's anniversary sweater that is still languishing or the pair of gloves that I promised my dad.

So here's what was accomplished.
A purse for my mom. My mom requested a felted bag last summer, and I immediately knew what I wanted to make.
Here it is in its unfelted glory.
mom's bag prefelted
A couple of trips through the washing machine and we have this.
mom's bag felted
It then sat patiently waiting to be finished. But the leather handles were giving me fits. Thankfully Rykert stepped in and helped me punch the holes.
Mom's Felted Bag
Mom's Felted Bag
I'm really proud of how this turned out. Though the work on the leather handles could certainly use a little more practice. The yarn is Noro Kureyon, and the color remains a mystery (maybe color 154?). I knit this back in August, and have since lost the ball bands that had the colors. I was tempted to keep this for myself. But in the spirit of the season it has already been gifted and used. Luckily I have some more Noro Kureyon earmarked for a bag for myself (color 95). One of my first post-holiday projects.

Next we have a bag for my grandma.
Here it is unfelted.
paintbox bag prefelted
paintbox bag felted
And finished.
Granny's Purse
A close-up of the handles and lining.
Granny's Purse 2
This was knit using some yarn that was gifted to me for my birthday. I believe that it was 2 balls of Paintbox in color 6854 Purple Misto and one hank of Cascade 220 purchased from Knitted Together in West Des Moines. The pattern came with the yarn, a give away with purchase I believe. The flower was knit using a Noni pattern, the Camelia Flower. I decided to sew on plastic handles rather than messing with i-cord handles. Overall, I am pleased. Though it isn't really my taste, my grandma seemed quite happy with it when I gave it to her this weekend.

Another bag for another grandma.
This bag was knit during my week of travel for work and play in September. A quick knit in Noro Kureyon (color 124, I think?) that was finished in a couple of plane rides.
Pre-Felting (wrinkled from my travels; male nurse action figure for scale).
kureyon bag 1
For this, I used i-cord handles.
Felted Bag for Grandma 2
Knit and lined and ready to be wrapped. I think she will be pleased, because she certainly appreciates a hand made gift.

For my grandpa, I made a pair of felted clogs. The pattern was the oft-knitted Fiber Trends Felted Clogs. The yarn was Lamb's Pride Bulky. This pattern actually amazes me each time I knit it. It amazes because it just doesn't look like it is going to be a clog when you start. But then lo and behold, a few hours later you have something that looks like a shoe - though a very large shoe.
Pre-Felting (running shoe for scale).
felted slippers before 2
Felted and ready to wrap (a dark picture, sorry).
Grandpa's Clogs
On my dad's side of the family, I drew my cousin's name. He lives in California so most knitted gifts are unreasonable. I was on a felting bender, so I decided to whip up another pair of clogs. Same pattern and same yarn as above. These were finished so quickly (3 days) that I don't have a pre-felting picture. Just the finished product (and a bad picture).
Bob's Clogs
I was concerned, especially on my grandpa's clogs, about the soles being slippery. And they are slippery on linoleum or hardwood floors. Through the wonders of the knitting blog world, I heard about using a product called Plasti-Dip.
Now, I'd heard of this before. My dad had a can of this that he used to dip the ends of worn tools in. It's sort of amazing. Skeptical but hopeful I headed out to Lowe's to find some. I sent the employees scrambling as they attempted to find this - first in paint, then in tool world, and then back to paint. For your information, it is located with the spray paint. I waited until I was at my parent's house to spray the bottoms. I'm glad I did. I did it outside, and the smell was overwhelmingly caustic. Insanely so. I let them dry over 24 hours before boxing them up. The result was a non-stick bottom. I was pleasantly surprised and would recommend this process if you can do it outdoors and have a mask.

The other items were finished some time ago.
We Call Them Pirates Hat for my Dad.
we call them pirates for dad 2
Hats for my nieces.
Other than that, the presents are all purchased and wrapped. Some have been shipped, some have been delivered, some have been gifted, and the remainder are organized and ready to go. The "caught with your pants down"(TM) gifts have been prepared - just in case. I spent yesterday afternoon/ evening baking, and will finish that up this evening. The tins will be packaged and ready to go either tomorrow night or Thursday. Look for a baking update and recap soon. We will be leaving for Louisiana late Thursday or early Friday and updates will be sparse after that.

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Ruby Banshee said...

Libby, you are a force to be reckoned with. I haven't even started SHOPPING for Christmas presents yet. Bah humbug. But I have my first Christmas tree ever. An organic Doug Fir (it is Oregon, after all). Too bad the shitty tree stand won't keep the beautiful tree from falling over.

Debbie said...

Once again, I am in awe. The energy you must have! And everything is beautiful, I'm sure everyone will love their gifts.

Wool Winder said...

I knew you could do it. Great gifts!

BAM said...

Way to go! Lookin' good

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