Sunday, November 05, 2006

Where have you been?

So it's been a bit since I've had anything to say... still don't have much.

Last weekend, Rykert and I met my sister and her family and my parents in St. Paul. Our mission was to visit my aunt and my cousin, Julia. Julia is recovering from surgery and will be staying in St. Paul, with my aunt, for 6 weeks (3 weeks more). She is doing amazing, and I couldn't believe the progress she had made a mere 2 weeks post-surgery. She was even allowed a pass, and so we threw a Halloween party in her honor at the hotel across the street. (Our apologies to the housekeeping staff at the Embassy Suites.) Here she is as a princess with her two best friends:
girls at Halloween
And if there is any doubt at how much progress she is making, take a look at her face during her first steps post-surgery. Priceless.
Julia's first steps 2
(a big thank you to my aunt, from whom the pictures were stolen.)
Along with our visit we also did a little shopping. My sister and I also made plans to see the Indigo Girls at the State Theatre in Minneapolis. Her husband came, but Rykert had to get back for work and missed the show. We took our 14 year-old cousin instead. Here's a little Indigo Girls conert video for those who are interested (probably taken on someone's camera phone, but the sound isn't bad).

I recommend that everyone see them in concert. Even if this is not your "type" of music you have to admire their musical talent. I would argue they are two of the very best technical musicians playing today. It was a great show, the setlist can be found here.

The only knitting that I have done recently were the few rounds I managed to completed while standing in line last night to see Borat. It was a very funny, albeit inteniontally offensive, movie. I would write a full review, but it was such a strange movie that I'm really not sure what to say except to say that it was packed. We considered going on Friday night but the long lines discouraged us.

Today we have a full day of cooking planned to stock our freezer. Hopefully I can get everything done that I have planned since I've come down with a nasy head cold.

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