Friday, November 24, 2006

Knitting Along.

Generally, I don't join the knit-alongs that pop up all around the blog'o-sphere. It's not that I don't like the patterns or the idea or the group dynamic. The problem is that I rarely am able to finish the project, and thus, I always end up a knit along failure.

But, then I decided to be a joiner. Larissa posted about knitting and embellishing her Meathead hat pattern in preparation for her book (here's her call to the needles). I really liked the idea - everyone knitting the same basic and then providing their own embellishment. The added bonus was the time commitment - at a gauge of 2 stitches per inch, a hat takes no time. In addition, Larissa may choose some of the participants hats to be photographed for her upcoming book.

Here's my contribution to the project.
Pattern: Meathead a la Stitch Marker
Yarn: Lamb's Pride Bulky in M-162 Mulberry
Time: about 2 hours
Embellishment: Cream Satin Ribbon

See others in the flickr group. There will likely be a few more meatheads in my future once I can find some more Lamb's Pride Bulky in suitable colors.

Here it is modeled:
Anna (with a bit of pumpkin pie on her face)

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larissa said...

I love your bow! A great meathead hat, and such adorable models. We're waiting until next week to choose all the hats for the book, but I know I want you to send us yours. Absolutely.

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