Friday, November 17, 2006

Attempting a tutorial.

Thanks so much for the nice compliments about my craft sale items. By all accounts the items sold well, and the event was incredibly successful for The Preemie Project. The group made a nice bit of cash to be used for supplies and other group work, and received some nice press. (There's nice article here.)

Some of you sent emails and left questions on how I made these items, and I will attempt to give you a brief tutorial. I'm going to provide all the information I can, but it will undoubtedly not be exhaustive. For that, I apologize, but it's the best I can do.

First up, the dip and drink mixes. I combined my favorite recipes into a pdf, and it is available here. I used small cellophane bags, and printed the labels on cardstock measuring 3.25" x 4". I cannot provide a template for the labels, because I use a stationary program that has a weird file conversion (this is the program.)
Drink Mixes

All of the fonts that I used were downloaded from Please note that these fonts are for personal, non-commercial use only (If you download a font from this site, please read the Read Me file that is included for an explanation of what uses are allowed.) Once you download the font, you will have to install it. I am not a computer whiz, but I can do it - therefore I leave that up to you to figure out (there is a help section on the website to assist you).

The labels are done in a font called Ma Sexy.

Iron-On Transfers
Making an iron-on trasnfer is a cinch. The way that I do it is to purchase inkjet printable iron-on transfer paper. There is some basic information on these threads at The key to designing is that anything that is written (or has a clear right side) needs to be reversed prior to printing.
Gift Bag 2
Once you have your transfer, cut it out. Using a very hot iron, iron it to canvas or cotton (or appropriate fabric listed on the instructions). Apply even pressure. Allow the paper to cool, before removing the backing. Generally, I wash the fabric before ironing on, but in the case of canvas bags, they will get unbelievable wrinkled in the process. You will have to steam them to near death, and they will still not be factory smooth. I'm just sayin.' For the gift bags, I found that the transfer also came out clearer when I did not pre-wash the bags.

For the Santas, I used this font (in a very large size): Kr Eight Santas.

Please let me know if you have any problems viewing any of this by leaving a comment.

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Debbie said...

Thanks for all the info, Libby! I am in awe of how much work you did for the sale.

Atina's Year in Review said...

your work looks really nice, but once on, do you know how to get the ironed-on transfers off. I just ironed a transfer on a black denim apron and it looks awful!

Lisa said...

Oooh thanks for all the info. I can't wait to start experimenting!

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