Thursday, October 05, 2006


So, the past two weeks have been kicking my butt...I think that it has to do with dragging a big plastic boot around on my left foot. One week to go with the boot and then back to the doctor, and hopefully I'll be given the all clear. Fingers crossed, because my leg is itchy and my nurse makes me do annoying exercises with a theraband every night. But it could be much worse, so I'll stop complaining.

Frankly, I don't know that I have knit a stitch in the past week and a half. As a matter of fact, I haven't been doing much of anything. I did manage to complete 1/2 of my Halloween costume requirements. Meet Dorothy:
dorothy dress
It looks awkward on that large hanger, but I assure you that it fits the intended recipient who has her sparkly ruby slippers ready to go. It still needs a hem and some buttons and a hot iron, but otherwise the hard part is done. Next up is Glinda. The pieces are cut, but the instructions are missing. It looks like I'll need to purchase another copy of the pattern before proceeding. I have since finished the Glinda costume - it just needs a fitting and a hem to be finished. In the course of finishing this costume I have managed to burn the skin off my fingers while using the hot glue gun to place sequins. Aunt Libby didn't have the patience to sew sequins after wrestling the satin and tulle - Rykert took pity and helped with some of the cutting. The outcomes of both costumes are far from perfect, but not bad considering my limited sewing skills (luckily they will only be worn a few times - hopefully they won't fall apart.)

I'm still trying to think of a costume for myself. I'm usually pretty good and piecing something together at a thrift store. However, it will be hard to top last year's find:
Girl Scout Uniform
And the accompanying accoutrements I assembled:
Girl Scout Sash 1

Any suggestions on a costume?

My other recent crafting has been in preparation for a craft sale which will be benefiting The Preemie Project. Pictures forthcoming.

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