Thursday, October 19, 2006


If you came here to look at knitting, then I apologize because not a stitch has been knit around here. Halloween preparations have consumed most of my free time. Knitting will resume post-Halloween.

When I was a kid, Halloween wasn't a big deal. My mom wasn't really a fan, and I don't really remember ever getting very excited about it. The costumes were generally store bought, and generally trick-or-treat night always involved some sort crazy Iowa weather generally an insane early blast of winter that made your costume look ridiculous layered with a heavy coat. Fast forward a few years. I guess it was college. Halloween is huge in college, and my friends and I would hit Thrift City on half price day to put something together. We would then head to the French Quarter where people had clearly worked on their costumes much longer than we had. Anyway, for the past five years I have enjoyed helping my sister outfit my nieces in costumes. Frankly, year 2, the year of the feather boa chickens will probably always be my favorite. You might remember last year's:
Anna and Grace Halloween 2
This year they had another request. A theme, but not identical. The sun is finally shining today, so I managed to get some half-way decent, naturally-lit photos after work. Better pictures to come.
Anna will be Dorothy. Her ruby slipper are ready to go.
The dress.
dorothy done
The details.
dorothy detail 1
dorothy detail 2
Grace decided on Glinda.
This dress was much more of a challenge. It looks a little wonky on the hanger, but it's cute on, and she likes it, which is all that counts. The crown is still in progress, but involves sheets of acetate, more sequins, and spray glitter. (Our apartment may never be the same.)
Sequins and Tulle (nearly did me in.).
glinda detail
As for me, I had grand plans of sewing myself something. But I've had enough of the sewing machine for now. My sister is having a Halloween party for the girls and their friends next Monday, and I needed a costume. After trying on a lot of ill-fitting costumes, I found a Snow White dress wadded up in a bag, repackaged and without a tag at Target. It fit. I went to the counter, expecting it to be too expensive to justify. Well, apparently due to a marking snafu and a naive checker boy at Target, I got the dress and a wig for a mere $4!
The best 4 bucks I've spent at Target. Seriously.
snow white
The dress is a keeper. The wig, however, I'm not so sure about.
snow white wig
I think it needs a styling... or at least a comb and a trim. One thing is for sure, which you will see when I show you what it looks like on... I should not, under any circumstances, cut true bangs.

As for Rykert, he has a costume planned, which he may reveal in a more adult environment. But for the party he is going to be Prince Charming. I bought a very cheap costume on sale and we will work with it this weekend to get it ready. A cape may need to be sewn. I was hoping to find a Dopey costume (my sister's suggestion) but no dice.

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Megan said...

Great dresses (all of them)! I'm impressed; the ones you sewed turned out really nice!

Gina said...

I want to come live with you for Halloween -- such great costumes and fun!

Wool Winder said...

Can't wait to see how cute your nieces will be at Halloween. I bet they're excited.

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