Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Halloween Preview. Take 2.

Last night, my sister hosted a Halloween party for her girls and some friends. It was chaos - as can only be expected with a room full of kindergarteners. Allow me to explain in pictures...
The host and hostess: Johnny Cash and June Carter.
Johnny and June
Their daughter's Glinda and Dorothy.
Dorothy and Glinda 2
Glinda's crown. It's amazing what you can do with spray glitter, plastic, and a hot glue gun.
Glinda Crown
There's no place like home.
The whole family.
Cash Family
Snow White and Prince Charming. Rykert is a good sport. I told you it was a bad wig. Perhaps I could have made it better, and maybe I will for Halloween. Or maybe I should put together a last minute witch costume and be the wicked witch of the west. I'd really only need a black cape and a hat.
Prince and Snow 2
Johnny gets Prince.
Johnny and Prince
A better picture of Rykert's costume, but not of him. The cape was the only thing I made, and it was very easy.

In other news, I'm supposed to get my cast off tomorrow morning. Here's the math:
38 days of rest + 17 days in boot + 15 days in cast = ???

I'm hoping that the answer to the equation is the all clear and a gradual return to exercise. I have my doubts because there is still some pain when I walk. Is their an orthopaedist in the house?

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Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for letting everyone on the www see what fools we are. At least you posted one of yourself, too. Also, why is Donald making an Elvis face?

Wool Winder said...

Stick with Snow White. I like it. All the costumes are great. Your nieces are adorable!

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