Sunday, October 08, 2006

Fall and football.

I don't generally measure the seasons by a calendar. But looking out my window - it is definitely fall (as Rykert has recently lamented.
fall park 1
When you live in a college town fall means one thing: football. A simple football game can turn this town into absolute insanity. Rykert and I both went to the University of Iowa for graduate school, but your true football loyalties are more likely to be cultivated during your undergraduate years (and it must be said that my alma mater had a very nice football day on Saturday. Unfortunately, Rykert cannot say the same about his.) At any rate, we decided to head up to the homecoming game to join the craziness that is tailgating. We didn't exactly leave home with the intent of attending the game (particularly since we didn't have tickets.)
We took the Hawkeye Express.
hawkeye express
This is a pretty slick service that they have only been offering for a few years. A passenger train shuttles people from the outskirts of town to the shadows of the stadium.
We got to the stadium, and we inquired about tickets from the "brokers" outside the stadium. As we were standing there, a nice man offered Rykert and I a pair of tickets for free. The guy had gotten them from someone else, and decided to pay it forward and give them to us. We went in and settled in for our unplanned afternoon of football.
hawks v purdue
We played Purdue and managed to put last week's debacle behind us and win. A very nice treat. Oh, and the free tickets were excellent seats and were even near the aisle.
This is for Megan.
hawks v purdue 2
The band was excellent, and the show even involved a disappearing act.
Despite the sunburns on the left side of our faces, we had a really nice afternoon...
hawks v purdue 3
Nile Kinnick would have been proud...
nile kinnick

Oh, and Rykert is recovering from his Saturday football loss at the news that his beloved Saints have actually surpassed last years number of wins.

Next time no more football talk: Halloween costumes, craft sale creations, and maybe even some knitting. Oh, and hopefully a healed foot.

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Debbie said...

I'm with Rykert, fall is lovely but I hate what comes after it so I never look forward to it. After 25 years I'm starting to tolerate the winters better, but I still don't like them.

Looks like you had a lovely day of football. I spent the day working (today too). I'm getting overtime, but still not a great way to spend a gorgeous day.

Megan said...

Man, I can't believe you got free tickets to homecoming! I couldn't even get the game on TV here (stupid ESPNU). I'm glad you guys had fun, and that's a great picture!

Wool Winder said...

Sounds like fun. We went to the local HS game just for halftime. The band is always my favorite part too.

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