Saturday, September 02, 2006

We are at my parent's this weekend for a visit, and to celebrate my birthday tomorrow. We drove over last night, and my dad immediately showed us the mystery vegetable that is growing in his garden.

Dad with mystery vegetable

My dad has a good sized garden that he plants with tomatoes, peppers, cucmbers, and this year he added okra. The garden also has some rhubarb and a few other random things planted. The thing is, my dad has no recollection of planting this - whatever it is. It looks like a cross between a zucchini and some other squash and maybe a cucumber. If anyone has any ideas, please leave a comment. The vegetable probably about 3-4 feet long. It is extremely strange. Rykert thinks my dad must have fertilized the garden with Viagra.
Dad's mystery vegetable

UPDATE: It appears to be a cucumber. We cut open one of the smaller specimens. Bizarre.

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Liz said...

Happy Birthday to you. :) I have no idea what it is. Is that an okra hanging in the back of the second photo? Could it be the worlds largest okra? Hmmm...

Knittripps said...

Happy Birthday!

Hmmm...I am a gardening notice, having only started working in the yard three years ago when we bought our house. I have no idea what that is! It sure looks funny though! Very odd.

Gina said...

Happy (Beated) Birthday! I hope you had a wonderful day and a wonderful weekend.

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