Friday, September 15, 2006


I've got nothin'. This week has been seriously kicking my butt at work (and appointments everyday after work), and next week isn't looking much better. I have a serious case of craft project ADD right now as well, with a number of projects so close to completion. Yet, I lack the initiative in the evenings to really get anything done. Here's a list;

  • Skully Mittens (I haven't blogged about this project. These were supposed to be for my younger sister for Christmas, but I seem to have gauge issues and I fear that they will be too small.) - First mitten 1/2 done.

  • Rykert's Raglan Sweater - Stalled. Almost ready to separate the arms.

  • Felted Kureyon Bag - Needs handles and lining. Punching of hundreds of holes in leather is holding me back.

  • Chenille Washcloths - My lunch time knitting. Could be finished in about an hour.

  • Felted Paintbox Bag - Haven't blogged about this. The knitting and felting is finished. Just need handles and lining. This will be a Christmas present for my grandma. May add a felted flower or two.

  • Halloween Costumes x 2 - Dorothy and Glinda. May be out of my sewing league, so I'll just fake it. Hope to have Dorothy done this weekend.

  • Felted Slippers - Have yarn, but haven't started. Lamb's Pride Bulky.

  • Felted Kureyon Bag #2 - Have yarn, but haven't started.

I'm flying to Austin for work on Sunday night through Wednesday, so that should provide at least a bit of knitting time on planes and ni the evening.

In other news, after 4 years without cable (which was caused by me getting pissy with the cable company for raising our rates 40% without notice), we now have cable and high speed internet. You can't imagine what a change this is. I spent Wednesday night spaced out in front of the tv catching up on Project Runway. And we're finally able to watch The Daily Show regularly. Yes, Rykert and I have just taken a huge step toward the 1990s.

Go Hawks!

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Megan said...

Yeah, we went the first month down here without cable and internet, and the night we got it hooked up was a Wednesday... now I've finally caught up on this season's Project Runway. Of course, during the "dark month," I bought season 2 on DVD, so it wasn't totally bad :)

I hope your trip goes safely, and that you get a lot of knitting done. It sounds like you've got a lot on your plate!

Wool Winder said...

Next trip I hope you get to fly to Houston. If that ever happens, let me know.

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