Saturday, August 12, 2006


A short post...

The days of summer are slowly disappearing. Living in a college town, you can't help but continue to measure the seasons on the academic calendar. A college town is at its best during the three months from mid-May to mid-August: you can park downtown, eat at any restaurant on a Friday night, and you don't have to deal with the general nuisance that students can be. That being said, the benefts of living in a college town generally outweigh the nuisance of having 20,000+ extra bodies in town during the school year. I just have to remind myself to avoid Target and the downtown area for the next week or so.

Last night, Rykert and I rode our bikes downtown for the Friday Night Concert Series in the Iowa City Pedestrian Mall. This is a great program that the city puts on during the entire summer featuring local artists, and we try to make it whenever we are in town. However, the bike ride was brutal. I'm wickedly out of shape, and the ride is, essentially, uphill both ways. But after huffing and puffing up the killer hill by Carver Hawkeye Arena (locals will probably know the hill that I am talking about), you coast through part of campus, and are awarded with this scene:
iowa city
I was also awarded with good food, a cold beer, and a gelato. Amazingly, I even made it home.

This morning I accompanied Rykert skiing as the spotter in the boat. A thankless job, but someone had to do it. As a reward for this good deed, I was treated with a short road trip this afternoon. I've been meaning to go to Muscatine to Crazy Girl Yarn Shop for quite awhile. I'm not sure why I had never made it, but today we made the short 45 minute drive:
crazy girl yarn shop
This is a really nice shop. Lots to choose from including every imaginable color of Cascade 220 and a full selection of Dale of Norway patterns, yarns, and sweaters. But even better was the way the shop was organized and decorated with a large table for groups of knitters. A second floor includes a large selection of fibers, and according to their website, they even rent spinning wheels by the week. Better still, a candy/ ice cream shop and a coffee shop are attached to the shop which overlooks the Mississippi River. I made some small purchases, and hope to go back sometime soon.

That's about it for the weekend so far. Tonight, it's another movie and barbecue.

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Debbie said...

Hey, Libby, I was at the concert too -- on my dinner break! Good for you for making up that hill.

I won't be able to avoid the students, since I live near and work downtown, but that has its compensations, too. It's been a lovely, quiet week this past week, though.

Knittripps said...

Boy I miss Iowa City. However, soon it will be football season and since we have season tickets, I will be back a lot!
I really need to find an excuse to visit Crazy Girl Yarn Shop.

Wool Winder said...

I wanted go to that shop when I visited, but of course there wasn't time. Looks like a great store.

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