Tuesday, August 22, 2006


So, remember my running plan? Well, things were moving forward. I had entered week 3, and I had just made it over that first hump (you know, the part where you think that are going to drop over dead at any given moment). But then I was dealt a set-back: a pain in my left foot that seemed to be getting worse. After a week of staying off of it and hobbling around, I went to the doctor. He said that it was more than likely a stress fracture, but because of the nature of that type of injury, an x-ray would be inconclusive until it started to heal. So, I'm off the foot - well, at least I am not running on the foot - for 10 days (one more week), and then we will re-evaluate.

Of course, my injury didn't stop me from hobbling around the Iowa State Fair last weekend. We didn't stay long, and my camera died very early in the day, but I do have a few pictures to share later.

On the knitting front, the sleeves are finished on Something Black, and all the ends are woven in. I still need to motivate myself to pick up the stitches and knit the button band and ribbing. It will only take an hour or two once I start, but for now it's back into the basket. I did start a baby set for The Preemie Project, and I've managed to accumulate some of the yarn for Christmas knitting.

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Debbie said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry. So how about some swimming or water aerobics while you heal? Just so you don't lose your momentum. Aren't you right across the street from the pool?

Knittripps said...

Sorry to hear about your injury! Hopefully when your 10 days of recovery are up your foot will be fine to resume running again.

Debby said...

I hope your foot heals very soon, and in the meantime, you get lots of knitting done.

Looking forward to your photos when you can post them. :)

Wool Winder said...

That doesn't sound good. Better to let it heal though. Don't want to make it worse.

A little cool weather will motivate you to pick up the stitches and finish the sweater.

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