Tuesday, August 08, 2006


I can't sit still long enough to knit. This doesn't mean that I've been busying myself with other projects. Not in the least. It means that I've been lazy. As a result, I've got nothin' - very little knitting, a messy apartment, and empty cupboards. I have managed to keep truckin' on my Couch-5K plan. I've also managed to assemble a rather ambitious list of Christmas knitting projects. Yes, it is still August, but if I had any hope of getting everythnig on this list accomplished and Rykert's sweater, then I should have started on the list on December 26, 2005.

Last weekend we saw Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby. This movie isn't going to win any major film awards - despite Rykert's pleas that Will Ferell win the Best Actor Oscar. However, it was entertaining despite the rather annoying composition of the remainder of the audience ('ya know tweenage talkers, people who come in late, people who leave early en masse, people who bring children who are too young, etc.) Rykert and I see a lot of movies, so my list of movie theatre pet peeves is long. Anyway, I digress - back to the movie. So, it's not going to win any awards, and the reviews haven't been all that great, but we laughed. The humor was both the over-the-top, slapstick that Will Ferrell is famous for and subtle (much of which our fellow audience members missed, and wondered why Rykert and I were laughing).

Coming soon(ish)...my Christmas knitting list (or at least highlights).

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Anya - Remember me? said...

Hi Libby, I know exactly how you feel. With life getting in the way (baby on the way, purchase of a new house, work and more work) knitting is becoming rather a nuisance and I hate that feeling. How can I feel that way about something that relaxes me? I can't wait to move and just KNIT for 5 months straight.

Reel Fanatic said...

Agreed that Talladega Nights was very funny in many stretches .. it dragged in the middle for me, but overall I liked it quite a bit ... If it did win an award, it would have to be a supporting actor oscar for Sasha Baron Cohen . he was just friggin hilarious!

Knittripps said...

Eek! I am glad I am not the only one feeling the Christmas knitting pressure!
Being a former movie theater employee my list of theater pet peeves is fairly lengthy as well.

Wool Winder said...

We always have the bad luck of sitting next to the talkers in the theater. It doesn't seem to matter what age they are either. Our worst experience was with a couple of ladies in their 30's. Even when we asked them nicely to be quiet, they continued to talk out loud like they were watching a rented movie in their living room. We would have changed seats, but the theater was full. So irritating!

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