Thursday, August 10, 2006


First a PSA...
Go to Dairy Queen today and buy a blizzard. All proceeds at select Queens will benefit the Children's Miracle Network. Find a participating DQ here.

And I'm excited to hear that my favorite duos has a new CD (you can hear a song on that link too) coming out on September 19. Hopefully, they will tour in this general direction, because they always put on an enjoyable show. (An aside: One of my greatest memories from college was a road trip to Starkville, MS (did you know if you have a southern accent you don't really pronounce the "k" in Starkville?) my freshman year in a crowded car. We had a great weekend despite the fact that the concert was initially rained out, but rescheduled for the next day). Even Rykert had a decent time at our last Indigo Girls concert (that one was snowed out on the original date too and then rescheduled) - even if he was one of very few men, and he doesn't really love their music like I do (in fact, next time I'll probably try to go with my sister rather than take him - no offense Rykert). You can most recently hear them on Pink's song, Dear Mr. President.

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Libby Koponen said...

I'm a children's book author named Libby -- not that having the name Libby is much in common....but the main character of my novel for eight-to-twelkve year-olds,Blow Out the Moon, is ALSO Libby. ANd throughout the book she talkds a lot about the American Revolution (she moves to England and becomes very patriotic). So she would have liked your 4th of July entry.

And *I* like your hats and sweet peas! This is a fun site.

I'm also a Blue Rose Girl: 5 (all published, some prize-winning) children's book authors & illustrators who talk about our writing together & do things like have brunch until 5pm and ride our bicycles on Block Island.

--Libby Koponen

Knittripps said...

Dan and I finally got around to seeing Clerks II last night. It has been quite some time since I have laughed that hard at a movie. I loved the first Clerks but have been disappointed in the Kevin Smith movies since. I think Clerks II is the best since the original. Once you get past the initial shock of the language of course! My only complaint was that the scene in the jail cell towards the end was a little long and drawn out.

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