Saturday, July 01, 2006

Thank You Ebay!

So, I've been at it again... My lurking and bidding have left me with a toy from my childhood. (Actually, I think that this toy belonged to my sister, but I got to play with it when she tired of it.)
Flip and Fold
Flip and Fold Fashions.

Here's the instructions on the box:
flip and fold 3

And, of course I couldn't resist playing with it...
Flip and Fold 1
Flip and Fold 2

This set was a bargain. It includes the original box (in good shape), all the little plastic pieces (some that I don't even remember, because we had lost them) and the original fabric pieces. Initially, I was going to give this to my nieces or leave it at my parents so the grandkids could play with (along with the rest of her antique toys like Bristle Blocks and Little People, which they have an impressive collection of)), but now I'm not sure that I can part with it. Of course, not letting the kids play with toys turns me into Al from Toy Story 2. (That being said - I'm not opening the Barbie boxes just yet) I still have my eye on a set of Fashion Plates.

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Megan said...

That's fantastic! I love Toy Story 2, but don't worry, Libby, I don't think you'll ever be Al.

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