Monday, June 12, 2006

To do...

I am a starter. Seriously. I really get excited about new projects, and jump in head first. Without a thought, I cast on. However, I'm easily lured away from a project by the temptation of something new. And then I cast on again. That being said, I have baskets of nearly completed projects that have been abandoned. I feel bad for these poor projects - it's not their fault. They could be fabulous finished projects if I had the attention span...

That being said, I declare this the month of finishing (even if it is nearly half over already). I must get these things finished, so that I can start one of the many new projects I'm thinking about. So here's what needs to be finished.

1. Something Red Black.
Do you even remember this one? I started knitting this between temp gigs this summer, and the first part just flew off the needles. It is currently stalled with one sleeve and a button band to finish. Sad. A couple of days or one Saturday and I could be wearing it. Must finish.

2. Ribbons Baby Blanket.
Again, the first sections of this flew off the needles. But it is now stalled at about 22"x22" (I wanted to get to 40" square). Every other row grows by 8 stitches, and at this point, one round is painfully long and it takes a lot of knitting to make any visible progress. This bad boy needs to be finished, because the intended recipient should be making her appearance in the world in the next month or so.

Note: The pattern is by Fibertrends and is called Ribbons Baby Blanket (ch44), and the yarn I'm using is Lion Brand Cotton Ease in Orangeade and Bubblegum.

3. Baby Hoodie.
This is a quick knit. Seriously. If it wasn't for my anxiety about the finished product, I'd be done. I followed the pattern despite feeling like I should adjust the sleeve count. The result seems to be disproportionately wide sleeves. I do love this yarn (Cascade Sierra). Maybe that will get me to finish it. The intended recipient was supposed to be the same baby as the Ribbons Blanket. Which gives me about a month.

4. Green Gable.
Sigh. This was a pattern that caused me to cast all other things aside to begin. I mean, I even had the recommended yarn. I cast on once, but made a critical error in reading the lace pattern. This is what happens when one gets so excited about starting knitting that she thinks she knows what's up without even reading the pattern. I frogged, and immediately restarted. I wasn't loving the cast-on method I chose, but was willing to fix that during blocking and/or by crocheting a chain around the neck if necessary. Anyway, I made it through the lace insert without a hitch. However, once I divided for the sleeves, I tried it on. It became fairly clear that I had made a mistake in choosing the size I wanted to knit. Oh, and my gauge had inexplicably started to tighten up after the sleeves. So, there it sits. I may be able to give myself a little room with some darts, but I'm still concerned that the sleeves will be too tight (and tight cap sleeves are just never a good idea). My options are to rip back to where I divided for the sleeves and add a couple more repeats or frog the whole thing and start over. This is all part of my knitting funk. The pattern is cute. There are tons of cute, well-fitting examples around blogland, so I'm determined to get this one right...eventually.

No pictures for now, making this a boring post. However, I did knit and finish a baby hat this weekend, so I'll post that tonight.

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Debbie said...

Gosh, me too. I'd join you but I just started two projects. Maybe next month (hah!) I'm rooting for you, though, go for it!

Liz said...

must be something in the air... I have too many projects on my needles and am not making much progress despite the fact that I'm always knitting. Hope you crack out of your knitting funk soon... in the mean time, enjoy the weather! :)

franklyknit said...

June is also the month of finishing for me. I had 10 projects (yes just the 10) at the mere cast on stage. I have selected three to finish! Best of luck to you.

Jamie said...

I love the bumblebee hat. I have been looking for a good Hawkeye pattern! I may have to try this one!

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