Monday, June 05, 2006

Remember me?

Remember me? I used to knit. And blog. Lots.

Well, when one is away from her blog for any period of time, you would assume that she would return with lots of knitting and crafting progress. Well, this just isn't the case here. I've lost my knitting mojo. I start projects and then toss them aside or frog them into oblivion. I doubt that it is a coincidence that my knitting slump correlates perfectly with the beginning of the new job and the beginning of great weather.

I did manage to knit 3 squares for an on-going project for The Preemie Project. One of the group's members has volunteered to gather crocheted and knit squares and sew them together into blankets. Here they are, prepare to be amazed:

I've also put a few rounds in on the Ribbons Baby Blanket...
ribbons blanket 4
Will this ever end? My cousin's baby is due late June - early July, I think. I better keep it in gear on this one.

And then there was a baby sweater. Liz pointed her readers toward this free pattern by Knitting Pure & Simple. I immediately cast on using Cascade Sierra. Love the yarn, love the pattern. But here's the problem:
baby hoodie front
baby hoodies back
Look at the sleeves. I am pretty much on gauge, and my stitch count is perfect for the 3 month size. But why do the sleeves look so disproportionately wide? It's even worse than the picture reveals. This has kept me from finishing. There is so little left to do - 1.5 sleeves and blocking. Do I rip back to the sleeves and adjust? Sorry about the pictures, but unfortunately that's the best I can do tonight.

I have started and stopped a few more projects, but haven't found anything that I really want to knit. I either love the finished product but hate the process or vice versa. Hopefully, I will find my way out of this knitting funk soon.

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Senor Cheeseburger said...

Great blog and everything bla bla bla but mine is better, you should check it out, (no its not porn you sicko)

Wool Winder said...

The proportion of the sweater sleeves look fine in the picture. I would probably finish it as is.

Gina said...

I feel your pain on the knitting funk. I'm in one myself. I'm plodding through. Just stick with it!

Rachel said...

That blanket is SOOOO fun! Where is the pattern from?

Rykert said...

order has been restored in blogland. you are back online.

kristinknits said...

I love the colors you are using for the baby blanket. : )

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