Saturday, May 20, 2006


I can't believe I forgot to blog about tv. Seriously. I mean Grey's Anatomy. It was so good. But I just hate tv writers for leaving us hanging off the edge of a cliff a la Mission Impossible for 3 months. Come on!! So will Meredith choose McDreamy or that pitiful yet adorable vet? (and where has Chris O'Donnell been hiding anyway?) Discuss. And is Izzie gone for good?(or just until she realizes that she left a hit show too early...)

But first, go read what the writers have to say at Grey Matter. I missed the fact that everyone else was wearing funeral-esque clothes to the prom while Izzie was wearing that pink prom dress. Oh, but I'm kind of glad that Denny's dead. Don't call me cold hearted, but seriously.

And did you hear, they are moving Grey's to Thursday nights opposite ER next year. Well, that's what I read anyway. And ER is another story all together. But I've already shown enough of my tv addiction and lack of a social life (that doens't involve tv) for one day...

Oh... but we have seen a whole bunch of movies in the past month or so. Last night was The Da Vinci Code. You certainly miss a lot of details and such if you haven't read the book, but overall it was a decent adaptation. For the most part, it looked just the way I pictured it would when I read it forever ago.

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Gina said...

I've been curious myself about The da Vinci Code. I will probably see it, as I'm a sucker for movies and books of that sort. I read the book and found it to be enjoyable and entertaining. I'm glad to hear someone say something similar about the movie.

Anya said...

Hi Libby, Congrats to Rykert! About the movie - I was very surprised to like the DaVinci Code after reading all those horrific reviews. It was actually exactly how I pictured it.. very close to the book. I also love Audrey Tautou and have been following her career for a while, so I'm happy she made it to the big big screen. If you haven't seen her "Amelie" I highly recommend it. I own the DVD and had to watch it after the DaVinci Code this weekend. She's too cute.

And about the book itself, I read it for what it is - and not for a literary masterpiece. I think it was written as a movie, and I just went with its entertaining nature. I do NOT, however, recommend reading Angels & Demons. It was REALLY REALLY BAD, even for a "movie book"! Happy Monday, :) Anya

Miss Scarlett said...

I am going to be a big girl and let that comment about Denny slide - seriously.
(hey - did you used to say seriously BEFORE GA? I know I did, but now it feels like a fad when I use it - and it really did once I checked out those blogs! I love Grey Matter, what a clever title too)
I hadn't noticed the funeral clothes either - I loved Meredith's dress. Izzie is too gorgeous - I think she will be back. Maybe not as a surgeon, but a doctor - oh, how could she be gone? She lives with George and Meredith?

Ok - I think that Meredith is going to leave with the Vet and she and McDreamy will continue to meet for surreptitious sex- cause, hey nothing is hotter than forbidden sex, and it is what their relationship is all about.
They started out as a no-no because of their work relationship then because he is married, now because she is with the vet AND he's married.
I like the vet though.
In fact I like him more than I like Meredith or McDreamy - not that I don't love both of them, but there is something really distasteful about both of them right now.
I think the Vet is too good for her and she is going to hurt him too much.

Hey - glad to hear that Da Vinci was good.
I didn't mind the book - a little too pat and too much flipping back and forth for me but whatever. It was entertaining though.
I am thinking about seeing the movie, maybe tomorrow.

kristinknits said...

Grey's opposite ER will cause a major conflict at my house. Why do they do that? I love watching Grey's on Sunday nights.

I do not think Izzie is gone for good. At least I hope not. I was screaming at the TV when Meredith & McDreamy went at it. She makes such bad choices! But he is dreamy ...

Rachel said...

I'm with ya on the Greys thing! I don't know how I'll wait for the next season... It's sunday today and I can't get it out of my head that it's not Grey Sunday anymore! =(

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