Wednesday, May 10, 2006


We interrupt "regularly" scheduled blogging to answer a couple of questions about my Calla tank.

Ruby Banshee asks:
After finishing the pattern, what would you say about people who are in between bust size? Better a little snug or better a little loose?
Umm. I guess I would say go for the smaller size. My gauge was just a tad tight, so that was perhaps the result of the snugness. Had I got spot on gauge (never happens for me because I knit so tight) than it would probably be absoltely perfect. However, if you wanted a more drapey fit than go larger and forget the waist shaping, but proceed with caution because there will be no guarantees about fit around the arm or neckline.

Meaghan asks:
Are you wearing something under it or did you line it somehow so the lace pattern doesn't show your bra? I liked this pattern a lot, but was a little leary about that part.
I'm wearing a close fitting black tank underneath so as to avoid too much peak-a-boo at the YOs. It fits tight underneath so as not to mess with the fit of the tank. I wasn't sure whether I would want something black or something nude colored underneath, but decided on this. As far as lining it... Yikes. That's a sewing question that is better left to someone with more expertise than I. I have limited sewing skills and would, therefore, not attempt it. My version has a lot of stretch, which I'm relying on for fit - so you would have to be careful with choosing a lining fabric and sewing it into the tank to avoid any unsightly bunching.

Thanks for all your great compliments on the tank. I really am happy with the result, and the yarn cost was a mere $8.

I've started working on Green Gable. Umm... actually I have restarted working on Green Gable. I didn't really read the instructions to begin with, just started knitting after casting on, and completely screwed up the first section to the point of ripping. I'm happily back on track now and making nice progress. But after reading some of the comments on the knitalong site, I'm a little concerned about the neckline. I should have used a backwards loop cast on, which is how I first learned to knit, but instead, I used a knitted cast on. I'm going to knit to the underarms, and then try it on and decide what to do - it may be just as stretchy. It's a fairly quick knit, so I'll put off frogging until then. I'm not worried, because it is such a cute pattern, and there are many cute versions floating around blogland.

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Ruby Banshee said...

I would really like to knit Green Gables, too. For the time being I'm on a strict no new projects policy, though. Have fun with graduation this weekend! Let's hope for good weather.

Gina said...

I used a knitted cast on for my Green Gable. I don't know if it's my cast on or my gauge, but I am getting a serious rolling at the neckline. I may just start all over again. I had a terrible fit problem.

Anya said...

So did you see Grey's Anatomy last night! Wow, almost 3 hours of it and I couldn't get enough. I'm really troubled by all the things that happened. Even my husband watched it with me; he was really into it!

And knit related: Calla looks spectacular, good work!


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