Sunday, April 23, 2006

I'm alive.

So, long time no post. Things have been busy around here, but I'm not exactly sure why things have been busy because it has generally just been life as normal. It must be the weather... So let me get you caught up.

Last Thursday (April 13): The evening was spent stranded at a restaurant during a hail storm. Little did we know, despite the sirens blaring, there was a batch of tornadoes about to touch down on the other side of town. When the hail stops, we make a break for our car and drive home. We find our neighbors taking shelter in the 1st floor stairwell. We join them. When we make it back up to our apartment, the weather guys are on tv discussing the tornadoes still on the ground in Iowa City, we live in the adjoining town. Edited to add: We stand on our third floor balcony, I don't recommend this, and look toward IC and as the lightning brightens the sky, we can see funnels coming down from the clouds over the downtown area. By morning it became clear, that there were pockets of town that had significant damage - including a sorority house, a historic Catholic church, and a Dairy Queen (sniff, sniff). The tornadoes hit the heart of the town where many college students live, and the University actually shut down, a rare occurrence. If your curious there's more information here and here.

On the knitting front, my dishcloth bender has continued apace. By Easter, I had completed 12 of them, mostly during breaks at work. Unfortunately, I don't have any more photos to share, because I gifted most of them to my family last weekend. But I'm continuing to work on a few during work breaks to rebuild my "inventory" and for my own personal use.

New Project
I started a new project this weekend. The pattern is from Magknits and is called Calla, a cabled tank. I'm using Omega Sinphonia 100% mercerized cotton, and so far it seems to be going well. The yarn is nice to work with, and was extremely cheap. My only complaint is that it tends to split. Edited to add: The yarn was purchased at Hobby Lobby, and they have a surprisingly large variety of colors to choose from, and it is around $3 for 218 yards. Here's my progress through 2 repeats:
My hope is to have it completed by Rykert's graduation in 3 weeks. Of course whether or not I wear it will be determined by the outcome and the weather. For anyone interested, there is also a knit-along going on at Craftster.

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amy said...

calla is a gorgeous pattern. can't wait to see your progress. glad you made it home safely, sounds like you had a scary night last week!

Gina said...

Wow! The color is so lovely and rich. Great choice for Calla.

Wool Winder said...

Glad to hear you escaped tornado damage. Hope your car didn't get dented by the hail.

Love the cables on the tank!

Debbie said...

Glad you made it through the storm okay! I'm kind of glad I couldn't see much to the north of me, I would have been scared to death, but we missed it by a couple of blocks.

That yarn is gorgeous. Where did you find it?

Knittripps said...

Having lived in Iowa City for four and a half years, I found the photos of the damage shocking. One of my very best friends was married in that Catholic Church. Unbelievable.

Melissa said...

The storms in the midwest have been crazy this spring! I love that tank and the yarn you picked!

Ruby Banshee said...

Hey Libby!
The Calla looks great. I want to add this to my knit-list, but I'm trying really hard to stick to stash projects! I'm coming home next weekend (thankfully the tornados stayed far away from the house I'm selling!), and I'm really hoping to make it to some knitting nights before I leave in June. Can't wait to see your finished Calla!

kristinknits said...

Pretty yarn. Can't wait to see it as an FO!

haze said...

Calla looks great. I'm going to use the same yarn. I have fuschia, lime, white, turquoise, and eye scorching pink. My first will probably be white or lime.

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