Sunday, April 09, 2006

Dishcloth Days.

Things have been crazy around here. It's been one of those weeks where you can't put your finger on what, exactly, made it so crazy busy, but it was. Despite the craziness I've managed to squeeze in some knitting here and there...

Last weekend I bought a copy of Mason Dixon Knitting by the lovely ladies over at Mason Dixon Knitting. This is one of the first blogs I started reading back when I was a lurker and non-blogger, so I was excited to see the book. The book is really well done with a fabulous design, great photographs, witty writing, interesting projects, and plenty of inspiration. In fact, it inspired me to put down all other projects and start some cotton dishcloths. This was a first for me, the knitted dishcloth. But it couldn't have come at a better time as all my other projects were too large to carry back and forth to work.
The inspiration and the first warshrags:
A week's worth of work knitting:
A close-up:
Currently on the needles using this pattern:
dw dishcloth
The dischloths were all made using various cotton yarns: Sugar 'n Cream, Lion Cotton, and Peaches and Cream. Dishcloth days will continue through the week. And I can't wait to try other projects from the book such as a Log Cabin blanket and bath mat, the potholder loops rug, etc...

As I was scouring every craft store in town looking for cotton yarns in various colorways, I found these fat quarters in a clearance bin:
gracie fabric
I'm not sure what I'll do with them, but I do happen to know a little Gracie, so I couldn't resist.

Thanks for all the comments about Grey's Anatomy. While, yes, it would certainly be difficult to imagine that Izzy knit that entire sweater in one day while squeezing in her surgical duties, I instead choose to believe that she was merely working on the final piece during the episode. Of course, that would still be some serious fast finishing, but still I'm just trying to suspend disbelief. And yes Dr. Burke was wearing a Tulane t-shirt during the final scene. Roll Wave! And for the true fan - faux and real blogs: The Nurse's Station, Grey Matter: from the writers of Grey's Anatomy, and The Bartender's Blog. Seriously. I've probably lost it. Seriously.

Enough procrastinating...must clean.

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Becky in Iowa :O) said...

Absolutely gorgeous! You have an eye for color. I may just have to get out the tons of cotton I have in my stash and play. hehe

Debbie said...

Your dishcloths are gorgeous! I've always wondered, though, what people do with their dishcloths. Does anybody really wash dishes with them? I'm assuming not, at least not all of them, and if that's the case, what else are they good for other than to look pretty? I use my dishwasher almost exclusively to wash my dishes. So did my mother, so I guess I never learned about the wonders of dishcloths.

Rachel said...

Those wash clothes are great! I'm going to have to hunt down that book!

sUsAn said...

Kudos on your nifty washcloths! I especially am taken with the last one you posted and am determined to make one of those right now. Thanks for posting that link! I am expecting my MD book to arrive in the mail this week...can't wait!

liz said...

Loverly Warshrags my dear. :) I loved finding this update this afternoon since I just got home from buying this book as well.

Well, actually I bought it about two hours ago and just sat in the park while my son played, unable to put the book down. I'm antsy to cast on a few warshrags of my own. I'm also very excited about the log cabin blankets in this book.

This really is such a great book... so meaty and NPRish... know what I mean?

Happy Knitting and Happy Spring to you, too!

Sarah said...

I wonder if there is some sort of group or lcub for prople who love grey's anatomy so much that it is almost a problem, you know - sort of scary... cuz if there is i would totally join!!!
very cool dish cloths by the way - I've never knit a dish cloth, might have to give it a try!

Wool Winder said...

Great dishcloths! I made a ton of them when I was learning to knit. It's the perfect project for trying out new stitch a giant swatch.

Gina said...

It is funny how I immediately wanted to knit washclothes and linen handtowels after paging through. The photography and the colors are great.

Ruby Banshee said...

I have sworn, sworn, sworn never to knit a dishcloth. BUT, those are pretty bad-ass. I think I will have to buy this book, and I might just have to remind myself that you should never say never. They're great!

Emily Spellman said...

Can I have one? I don't care which color.

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