Thursday, March 02, 2006

In the kitchen...

Tuesday night, we hit the kitchen to prepare some sort of homage to New Orleans and Mardi Gras. We had some Louisiana crawfish tails in the freezer, from our last trip South, and so we started on our culinary adventure. Rykert's mom (hi Trisha) sent him a recipe last weekend for Crawfish King Cake. If you don't know what a King Cake is, or the tradition behind it - read about it here. So a King Cake is an oval, with green, yellow, and purple sugar decorating the top. Here's our rendition
crawfish king cake
Now, that is not the best picture, but it was dark and that's the best I could do. The decoration on top is parmesan cheese that I dyed the three colors. I'd be lying if I didn't say that dyeing cheese green didn't freak me out just a bit. But apparently I needed to use some better quality food coloring to get a true royal purple color - but I was impatient and left it lavendar-graysih. You can see the inside view here. (Warning: this is not a good picture or an actual depiction thanks to the lighting and the camera angle. It tasted much better than it looks.) The Purple Haze was one of only two varieties of Abita Beer to be found in Iowa City - at an Iowa City institution - Dirty John's.

The Preemie Project News
I am getting ready to get back in the kitchen tomorrow to prepare some baked goods for a bake sale benefitting The Preemie Project. If you are in the Iowa City/ Cedar Rapids area on Saturday or are close and looking for a road trip - Beads & Beyond in Cedar Rapids (a local yarn and bead store) will be hosting an event partially benefitting The Preemie Project. The event will include raffle prizes (including a Colinette Ab Fab Afghan Kit, which are no longer listed on the Colinette site for some reason), the bake sale, and other stuff I'm not mentioning. Just bring a donation to The Preemie Project of a handmade item, yarn (or buy it there), or other needed supplies, and your name will be entered into the raffle drawing.

Oh, and if you come please buy my baked goods, so I don't look like a loser if they don't sell.

Something Red Black
Something Black is progressing, and the body is finished. Time to move onto the sleeves. If I had any focus, I could have it finished by the end of the weekend. We'll see.

Big Ideas
After finishing Julie and Julia, I've been thinking about broadeing my culinary skills. I have a few things that I can make, and I seem to make them all of the time: calzones, deep dish pizza crust, chocolate chip cookies, lasagna, handrolled ravioli, stuffed shells, meatballs, chicken fajitas, marinara sauce over varying types of dried pasta... So, aside from the quick dinners - grilled chicken breasts, hamburgers, etc - that's what we eat. I'm certainly not going to attempt to learn the finer points of French Cooking. Reading this book certainly would keep me away from that - and my weak gag reflex - and the fact that I'm a picky eater.

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Knittripps said...

Wow, Dirty Johns...that really takes me back to my college days. I miss that place and their incredible beer selection!

Gina said...

Good old King Cake... yours looks yummy!

Emily Spellman said...

When you were explaining the king cake to me could you tell I had no idea what you were talking about? Glad it turned out! Looks good.

Wool Winder said...

I've never had a savory King Cake before. It looks delicious! (I thought the pictures were fine.)

Good luck with TPP event tomorrow. I hope it will be a success. You guys are doing a great job at getting the word out!

Stephanie said...

that looks sooo good. I never had a savory king cake.

I need to see if I can find some Abita beer around here.

BAM said...

I have never seen, nor tasted, nore heard of a King you have gone and educated me again :) What a neat tradition to carry along with you to the midwest. Did you put a trinket inside?

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