Friday, February 17, 2006

The Weather.

There is this saying that all conversations between men in the Midwest revolve around 2 main subjects: the weather and traveling directions (i.e. what route you took to get to the location, etc.) Well, this week has certainly been a strange weather week. On Tuesday, it was gorgeous. Particularly for February. Sunny and temperatures toward 60 degrees. But by Tuesday night, the weather man had started his apocalyptic snowstorm predictions. It was out of control - probably because it has been such a mild new year. January was unseasonably warm, and February was looking to be the same. Yesterday morning, I awoke to a thundersnow. It was so strange - full blown thunder accompanied by a snow/sleet/rain/hail mix. We didn't end up with very much snow, but today the temperatures are ridiculous. We'll be lucky if the temp reaches into the double digits, and the wind chill is extremely cold. And it was near 60 degrees 3 days ago.

I've been away from the blog for a few days, but there has been knitting. I finished the baby dress in three different sizes and wrote the pattern for 6 sizes (micropreemie - newborn).
baby dress x 3
I particularly like this white version. I really like the way the satin sash turned out around the waist.
baby dress 1
baby dress back
The pattern is completed as a pdf file, but I'm still working on getting it uploaded.

I'm now working on a version of this for a preemie boy.

Something Red Black
I also started (twice) a new project for myself. I'm working on Something Red designed by Wendy of Knit and Tonic. Only mine isn't going to be red. It's going to be black. I had to rip and restart about 4" into the pattern due to a mistake. I tried to ignore the mistake, but knew that it would keep bugging me if I didn't rip it out and fix it. I haven't decided on what length to make the sleeves. This will be determined by the weather near the time I am finishing. But I'm thinking short or 3/4 length.

Cotton Anniversary
Come in a little closer for this one. This is on the down low, but because I know that Rykert rarely reads this - I'm pretty sure that I'm safe. I've never really knit him anything. There was the wool scarf that he never wears. He also was the recipient of a hat during the first months of my knitting, but it became ungodly stretched out and has since disappeared. Anyway, next November will be our second anniversary, and the traditional second anniversary gift is cotton. So, I want to knit him a sweater. I really need to get going on this if I hope to find a pattern, find the perfect yarn, and get the thing knit in 9 months - I want to allow plenty of time. So step 1 will be choosing the right yarn.
Yarn Requirements

  1. It must have at least some cotton content - no matter how small.

  2. It must work at a reasonable gauge. I'm not making a man's sized sweater on size 2 needles.

  3. Yarn should be available in a dark blue, black, grey, or possibly other earth tones

  4. It shouldn't break the bank. That's why the 2nd anniversary is cotton and not cashmere.

Yarns in the running:

  1. Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece

  2. Rowan All Season's Cotton

  3. Blue Sky Alpacas Dyed Organic Cotton

  4. Rowan Denim

  5. Elann De-M-nit Pure Cotton

  6. Rowan Summer Tweed

  7. Classic Elite Four Seasons

Now, I'm overwhelmed. Maybe I should just knit some cotton socks...

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Liz said...

Beautiful preemie gowns, Libby.

Thanks for linking to the Something Red pattern... I think I may knit this as well. I've been looking for a unique pattern.

As far as cotton yarn choices, I don't have experience with all of these, however, I have knit with Blue Sky Alpacas organic cotton and while it feels nice, it is soooo linty/fiberous that I sneezed through the entire knit. :) Just fair warning.

Stay warm this weekend!

Megan said...

This weather! I finally had to open my heating vents and shut the windows. Steam heat does have some advantages....

Anyway, your gowns are lovely. I'm amazed that you were able to get all of those sizes figured out and knit up!

With regards to cotton, I've used the Blue Sky Alpacas stuff, and while I really like it, and it's soft, it's not going to be the most durable yarn. I would definitely go for a blend; the Rowan all-seasons cotton and the Brown Sheep cotton fleece both look nice, but I've never used them. Maybe someday! Good luck deciding on your yarn :)

Knittripps said...

My advice is to not knit Lucky from Knitty. I am still working on this sweater for my beloved hubby. It was supposed to be a Thanksgiving, then Christmas, then Years, and now whenever I can get the darned thing done sweater. I have disliked it so much that I think I keep putting off seaming it. I can't really explain what I hated about it. The yarn was great but the pattern drove me KNUTS!!!

Laura said...

A friend of mine has used the Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece for a sweater and used the maroon color. It came out really nicely but over time faded quite a lot like you would expect cotton denim to do. The sweater is still really nice and soft and comfy but is very obviously faded if you saw the original color. Just giving a report. Good luck picking a pattern! :)

Your gowns for the PP are just darling. So so so pretty.

Wool Winder said...

Love, love, love the gowns! I'm anxiously awaiting the pattern. Can't wait to see what you come up with for a boy. I've been trying to find a boy's pattern in a larger size that I could modify for a preemie, but I'm not having much luck. Don't know if I have the skill to come up with anything from scratch. You are very talented in this area!

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