Tuesday, February 07, 2006


I'm a copycat. I must admit. Or to be more polite, this project is entirely blog-inspired.
I had seen the original Cupcake Hat pattern on Craftster last year, but had never considered sizing it down to preemie size. Until I saw Tracy's post last week. So, I was a total copycat, and whipped a few out. These are a quick knit, and really cute.
cupcake hats
cupcake hats 2
Pattern: Cupcake Hat designed by Chili Con Yarne with Preemie Modifications by Tracy
Yarn: Caron Simply Soft
Needles: US 7
The booties were made using Michelle's Bootie Pattern. Oh, and these are all for The Preemie Project.
Thank you Tracy for the inspiration.

Remember this...
baby dress
baby dress 2 I knit this baby dress last summer for The Preemie Project. I am attempting to write the pattern out in multiple sizes. I'm half way through the smallest size. Well, actually I may add one size smaller.

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Wool Winder said...

Love your Cupcake Hats! Great idea to photograph them on a baking sheet.

I remember that gown and I'm ready to copy you as soon as you post the pattern.

Sarah said...

Thanks for your comments on my sweater, Libby. Those cupcake hats are just too cute...

Megan said...

Those hats are great... I'll have to make some soon. Good luck with your gown pattern, they're beautiful!

Lolly said...

Those cupcakes are so incredibly cute!!

BAM said...


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