Saturday, January 14, 2006


I alluded in my last post to the fact that I am, or can be at times, a bit anal-retentive (is that hyphenated?). This does not mean that I am a decent housekeeper or that my apartment is constantly kept neat as a pin. No, in fact, those who know me will report that I am actually a craptastic housekeeper when it comes to dusting, vacuuming, and other general cleaning matters - save the dishes and the laundry. In fact, I'm a pack-rat, and I come by it genetically. My grandma, my dad, and now me. But my anal-retentiveness emerges in other areas of my life. I make ridiculously detailed lists. I have a certain way that I want items placed on the conveyor belt at the grocery store. This is to help the sacker, and ultimately make putting away easier. This drives Rykert crazy. Oh, and handwriting. I am fussy about my handwriting, and have been known to void a check and write another because my writing was ugly. In fact, when Rykert and I were first dating, one of my roommates didn't think it would work out because his handwriting was and continues to be so artocious. I love meticulous busy work that involves organizing - think piles of paperwork. And apparently, I am unable to release control and just let color changes happen when attempting to create a "random" pattern in a knitted bag. I appreciate everyone's suggestions in how to be random. But at the end of the day, I couldn't do it. I wanted to control which colors went next to each other. The few points where I surrendered control and let Rykert blindly choose resulted in a couple of unfortunate spots in the sequence (see below).
striped sash bag
I'm enjoying the knitting, and the color changes make it go fairly fast. However, all that wool has made my skin extremely dry, particularly in a couple of places on my fingers. I still have quite a ways to go. I'm reserving judgement until post-felting. I find that color tones and can change during felting.

Another Alterknits inspiration
Alterknits has this really cool dress form that has been covered in yarn labels. I love it, but frankly I don't have the space for a dress form. And I don't really have a use for one either. But I wanted to duplicate the process. This is what I came up with.
yarn band case
This is a paper mache case from Hobby Lobby. I decoupaged the entire thing with yarn labels that I've been saving since I started knitting. The process was sort of a pain. I wanted to cover every square inch - no dice around the handles, etc. But overall, it looks alright. I still need to coat it with some sort of protective like poly to seal the whole thing. I also lined the inside to hold knitting notions.
inside of case 2
I just used some fabric scraps, and glued the lining in. It's not perfect, but acceptable.

Last night we saw Brokeback Mountain. It was quite good, but I felt it was unnecessarily long and the length interfered with a lot of the dramatic tension. And Heath Ledger's accent, though well executed and no doubt accurate, was kind of annoying. But Anne Hathway was completely unbelievable and a casting miss in my opinion. Otherwise, the story was heartbreaking but beautiful, the scenery was gorgeous, and the acting was top notch (except for Anne Hathaway). Today, I went to Hoodwinked with my nieces. It was really cute and the level of humor was up there with Shrek, in my opinion.

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Laura said...

Where? Where? Exactly where are the unfortunate spots in the striping sequence of the bag? I love how the striping has come out!! Relax. :)

And what a cool bag/box with the yarn labels on it. Neat idea! And the fabric you used to line it really looks great!

Carrie said...

I think the bag is looking wonderful. It is hard to place colors willy-nilly though, especially when you have so many choices.

The box is really cool, now I regret using my labels in my knitting journal...

Elinor said...

I LOVE those colors. I can't wait to see the outcome. It looks so good!

The box/suitcase is a great idea! how creative!

Wool Winder said...

I don't think I could have gone random either. I bet you load the dishwasher a certain way too. I do and have been known to reload it when someone else has tried to "help" me with that chore.

Melissa said...

That case is so cool - great idea! I saw Brokeback this weekend too, and I agree Heath Ledger was awesome, but it seemed like he had a wad of chewing tabacco lodged in his cheek the whole movie. Ann Hathaway was definitely mis-cast.

Laura said...

The bag looks great! Looks like you've been busy. Thanks for the movie reviews. It's unbelievable, but Tom and I ACTUALLY were able to go to a movie around X-mas time. I went in my wheelchair but sat in a normal seat with my foot on a bar in front of me. I couldn't believe it! So I am up for knowing what movies are worth seeing. Thanks!

Gina said...

I don't see the stripe issue either! I'm digging your Alterknits-inspired projects. I have to snoop through that book, rather than have it collect dust on the shelf.

Lolly said...

Your decoupage project is just brilliant! I am itching to try this! I have been saving my labels for something of this sort, and I think my friend Heather and I can plan a fun decoupage day now!

Thanks for the movie review - I wanted to see this in the theatre, but now that school is back in, I will probably have to wait for the DVD!

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