Friday, January 06, 2006

Happy New Year...

So, New Year's greetings on the 6th? What gives? Where have I been anyway?

Well, let's see. I've been out of town, in a post-holiday eating coma, sick, working, fighting a stubborn virus, tired, working, and lost in a no-cafeine haze. I wish the answer to where I've been was exotic, exciting, or the least bit interesting, but it's not. Last year, I set New Year's Goals for 2005. Um, what does it say if one year later you have the same general resolutions. It says that one should not publicly make such assertions. So for now, the New Year's resolutions will kept privately.

Instead, I will wow you with the last two finished objects of 2005:

dad's glove First, we have my dad's gloves. My dad had an accident a few years ago, and now necessitates these special gloves. The pattern is from The Knitters Handy Book of Patterns and the yarn is Cascade 220. (please excuse the fact that the gloves are less than artfully arranged and the right has the wrong side up.) I assure you that they fit him - after a bit of frogging and reknitting.

mom's mittens Next, we have a pair of gloves for my mom. These are/were a birthday gift. Her birthday is tomorrow, but I gifted them last weekend so she could start using them. The pattern is again from The Knitters Handy Book of Patterns. The yarn is Lion Brand Landscapes in rose garden, chosen to match one of her coats.

I've nearly finished the Fluted Bannister Socks (finally... since I started in October), but a picture will have to wait. The sun hasn't come out in days up here, so I'll have to wait to get a picture of that and the handmade gift I received for Christmas. I also have a major felting project planned inspired by Alterknits.

Tonight, we're going to see Munich.

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Megan said...

Those are beautiful mittens; I always forget about the great colors in Landscapes. And I'm glad to see that your dad's gloves worked out. I hope that both the sun and your health return soon!

Laura said...

I hope you're starting to feel better. We missed you on Tuesday! I hope that you can make it next week.

I love the gloves you made for your mom. They're SO pretty! I really love those colors. I can't wait to see your finished socks. You better wear them next time I see you. I gotta see it to believe it. lol! Feel better girlie!

BAM said...

Ooh, Alterknits. Can't wait. I just picked up that book myself last night! My hubby really wants to catch Munich too, we need to put it on our list!

Happy New Year!

Melissa said...

Love your pink socks! Can't wait to see your alterknits projects!

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