Tuesday, January 31, 2006


I've been trying to remain focused on the projects I have started. This, however, becomes difficult when I am distracted by cute ideas all around. More on that later.

Eat your heart out, Pottery Barn
I've seen these magnetic bulletin boards around, but for the most part, they are ridiculously priced. A trip to the craft store and hardware store made it clear that this was an easy project. So here's what I ended up with:
magnet board
I think it looks pretty nice, and it is also a part of my main goal for the next few weeks: organize. The weather has been more spring than winter (isn't this supposed to be January?) and has put me in the mood to do some spring cleaning. Of course this is slow going, but I'm trying. On the left side of the board, you will also see my magnetic poetry-esque grocery list. Each word is an item we often purchase at the grocery. Yes, I did alphabetize them.

Feathers and Fans
I also had the urge to knit a baby blanket. This is part of my goal to do more knitting for The Preemie Project, and to reduce the amount of yarn I have sitting around. Thus, it is spring cleaning knitting. Here's what I'm working on:
feather and fan blanket 1
It's much slower going than preemie hats and booties, but I'm loving the pattern and the result. My starting point was this pattern, and I'm using worsted weight yarn and size 8 needles. I'm inching toward the half way point. This may be a long-term project, but I'm trying to stay focused and finish it by the weekend. We'll see.

Once in a while, you come across some project on the web that is so cute. Too cute for words. Today is that day. You must go see what Tracy has made. Go. Go see, click here. I'll wait.

Did you see those hats? Aren't they just the cutest thing ever? I'm trying to resist the urge to cast on.

Since I last blogged, I have also finished another Helix hat and bootie set. I won't bore you with another picture, because it looks exactly like the one from last post. When the blanket is finished, and I satisfy the urge to make a cupcake, then I'll cast on for the helix hat in boy colors. I'm also trying to assemble all of my favorite knitting pattern links, mostly for my own reference. I'll probably post them somewhere.

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Megan said...

I can't wait to see your list of favorite pattern links... you know, 'cause I need more. The blanket looks great, and I love that you've alphabetized your magnetic grocery items. Was that a DIY project, too?

I hope the nice weather sticks; I walked to and from campus a couple of times today because it was just so nice out :)

Debbie said...

What is the metal sheeting on your magnetic board? That is, what did the hardware store think it was supposed to be?

The blanket is gorgeous. I hate that blankets take so long to finish!

Wool Winder said...

Awesome magnetic bulletin board--much nicer than the refrigerator, which I use. I'm guessing you purchased an already made frame and inserted the sheet of metal. Is it being too nosey to ask how much it ended up costing?

I love the blanket! I've all but given up knitting blankets for TPP. I've just been sewing flannel ones. But, your blanket has me thinking about knitting one for the bereavement program.

It takes only one or two hours to make a cupcake hat...go ahead, you know you want to.

Lana said...

Love the look of your magnetic board! The blanket is soooo pretty I may have to start one soon, but other items must be finished first.

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