Saturday, January 07, 2006

As promised...

Well, the sun is shining today. This has to be a good sign.

The Fluted Bannister Socks. Finally.
fluted banister sock pair finished 2
fluted banister sock pair finished 1 Pattern: Fluted Banister Socks
Yarn: Knitpicks Sock Garden
Color: Star Gazer Lily
Started: Mid-October 2005
Finished: January 6, 20006
They fit, and are oh so cozy. Despite the ridiculous time it took me to finish these, I'm quite happy with the pattern, yarn, and finished product. It just so happens that another pair of socks may be started soon.

spoons and crock
This is a bad picture of the turned bowl that my dad made me for Christmas and some of the spoons that he gave me. Some of them I've had and been using for quite a while. Isn't that a horrible picture?

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Laura said...

Love your Fluted Bannisters and love that color - I've been wanting to try both - I think I need to put them higher on my "to knit" list!

The picture of your spoon bowl and spoon collection is so awesome! I love my wooden spoons and they're not even hand made. I guess if you adore them so much you would find some really special way to photograph them but I'm just glad to see them. Makes me happy. :)

Knittripps said...

I really like your Fluted Bannisters. I am making it my goal to learn socks this year.

Your wooden spoon collection is great! I am jealous :)

Could you post or send me the pattern for your water bottle cozy? I want to make one for this year. It is another goal to drink more water this year :)

Lolly said...

Libby, they are just great! I love the design and the colors in that yarn. Wear them with great pride, missy - they look great!

Laura said...

Great socks! Yea for you! I love the color of that yarn. I hope that you love them.

Wool Winder said...

The socks turned out great! The bowl (and spoons) are awesome. Your dad is a very talented woodworker. My husband and I love hand made wooden spoons and have a collection by the stove just like you.

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