Tuesday, December 27, 2005

A very happy holiday...

Well, we're back. We had a great time celebrating with my family, and even stayed an extra day so that Rykert could go paintballing (is that a word?) with my cousins yesterday. He returned muddy, but not covered in paint. We were spoiled with good food, good company, and generous gifts. The gift knitting was nearly completed -save one glove for my dad. Hopefully, the will be finished by the time we return for my grandparent's annual New Year's Day party. The family togetherness did send me home with a cold that I am attempting to shake before returning to work tomorrow... So, I'll leave you with some pictures and brief descriptions. With more to follow in the coming days.
We celebrated Rykert's birthday on Christmas Eve. My dad gifted him with a homemade wooden spoon (his specialty) that he dubbed the Jumbo Gumbo Spoon.
Rykert with gumbo spoon
My cousin, Julia, stopped by looking festive. She wore the hat to church, and we are told that she proceeded to drop a bag of marbles on the floor during the service. But, at least she looked cute.
santa julia
Rykert blows out the candle on his brownies sundae (his choice). We couldn't find twenty-ten (that's what we're calling it) candles.
rykert's birthday
We celebrated our first anniversary in November. My mom and I had carefully placed the top layer of our cake in their freezer after the wedding as the tradition goes. Well, it's been sitting their ever since. This was the first time that both of us had been at my parent's house since the big anniversary, so my dad pulled it out of the freezer. First, remember that this was a really pretty cake in its day.
wedding cake
But 13 months in the freezer...
old wedding cake
Here we are, wondering who thought of this stupid tradition. We were really thinking this after taking a bite.
anniversary cake
Rykert made Gumbo for a bunch of yankees. The spoon was put to good use.
Christmas Gumbo
rykert's gumbo
My little sister made the mashed potatoes. I was too lazy to find a different serving bowl, so she packed them into this one. Rykert and my aunt made him into frosty.
frosty potatoes
So, that was a snippet of some of our holiday. Here's hoping that yours was equally festive and joyous. A new year's resolution recap and more coming soon...

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Laura said...

Happy to hear that you had such a nice x-mas. I hope you enjoyed spending it in Iowa with your family. I'm sure that they all appreciated your knitted gifts.

Wool Winder said...

I like that spoon. What kind of wood does your dad use?

Sarah said...

We were a little unsure of the whole "saving the cake" tradition too - mostly because of a lack of freezer space! So we took an idea from a friend and sliced the top layer into 24 (small) pieces and froze them in groups of two wrapped up tight. So we both get a slice on each monthly anniversary in the first year. Of course... it doesn't help you any now! =)

Laura said...

LOVE THE SPOON!! Such a cool thing to receive. Julia is too darn cute! And the cake tradition - my husband was so funny about saying he didn't know why anybody would want to eat year-old cake. When the anniversary came along, he was right. Not so good. But we did the tradition. What's it mean though? You'll stay married forever? I hope so. :)

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