Tuesday, December 13, 2005

On the second day of Christmas....

my true love gave to me.... two Kates in a fake tree.
I finished the second little creature. They are supposed to be kittens, but their ears are sort of Yoda-like and their expressions are a bit odd. But I still think that they are cute...
I also picked up some yarn at The Knitting Shoppe in Iowa City this past weekend, MarL La by Classic Elite. This is a super bulky, instant gratification yarn that is composed of 4 strands of worsted weight wool. I used the stich pattern from Stacey's My So Called Scarf pattern...
La Marla Scarf
It started out as a gift, but...
La Marla Scarf 2
look how well it matches my pink wool coat. Which means I'll probably be going back after Christmas for a couple of more skeins to make a matching hat. I really love the colors and this was one of the quickest things I've knit in a long time on turkey basters (US 19 needles). This yarn comes in really great color combinations, but the effect could easily be achieved by holding 4 strands of any worsted weight yarn together. In fact, I probably would have been money ahead to just buy 4 skeins of Cascade 220, if the colors had been available.

I also finished another chenille/ flannel blanket. This one is larger and will be a Christmas gift for my cousin, who's name I drew in the family Christmas drawing.
Chenille Blanket

Just a few more crafty gifts to finish. Well, actually lots more, but I'm being realistic with myself about what will actually be accomplished.

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